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ACTION ITEM! Fr. Z calls for help for a wrongly imprisoned priest

It is possible that not all of you noticed a special feature in my “Christmas cards received” entry, which I am occasionally updating. Fr. Gordon MacRae – falsely accused, unjustly imprisoned – sent me a kind Christmas card. At his … Continue reading

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Recommended online reading at “These Stone Walls”

Please run, don’t walk, to These Stone Walls, the blog of Fr. Gordon MacCrae, unjustly jailed and innocent of crimes against minors. It’s a long read, and a lurid in many ways, but it reveals the slimy underside of the Accuse–a-Priest … Continue reading

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Such was SNAP

While we abominate the abuse of children by anyone, and even more strongly abhor by clergy, I also scorn those who used the horrid scandal to tear at the fabric of the Church. Such was the group SNAP. I read … Continue reading

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Priests, bishops: Stop what you are doing and read.

I warmly direct the priestly and episcopal readership here to These Stone Walls, the blog of Fr. Gordon MacRae, an innocent priest unjustly jailed. He has a deeply moving and poignant post today which I won’t try to summarize or … Continue reading

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International Court dismisses SNAP’s case against the Holy See

I saw this at These Stone Walls, the blog for Fr. Gordon MacCrae, in prison serving time for a crime he more than likely did not commit. The post is longish, but here is the first part: The International Criminal Court … Continue reading

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WSJ on “The Trials of Father MacRae” – IMPORTANT

Falsely-accused Fr. MacRae blogs at These Stone Walls. I bring to your attention this important article in the Wall Street Journal: Rabinowitz: The Trials of Father MacRae He was convicted when it was obligatory—as it remains today—to give credence to … Continue reading

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