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June and Martin, SJ

Why is Jesuit homosexualist Father James Martin’s obsessive focus so troubling?  Here’s an example. No mention of June as the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Rather, his focus for June is on “pride” in sodomy. To all my many … Continue reading

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@Church_Militant report on a twisted priest-predator has a familiar ring

I received this note from Church Militant: Church Militant filed a FOIA request and obtained the disturbing police audio recordings of Fr. Robert DeLand, now serving time in Michigan State Prison, caught in the act of preying on a 17-year-old … Continue reading

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Persecuted Fr. Kalchik responds to homosexualist Jesuit Martin

At Church Militant, there is a response by Fr. Paul John Kalchik – who was notoriously tossed from his Chicago parish after an infamous and blasphemous “gay” flag was burned – to homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. Jasmine Martin, SJ. More … Continue reading

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The “logical union of women’s ordination and sodomy”

I have noticed lately an uptick in chatter about women deacons, deaconettes, deaconesses, whatever.  There was a conference at Fordham recently at which speakers (read: promoters) blew past the obvious problems of our lack of certainty about what ordination may … Continue reading

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Francis: Homosexuals “should not be accepted into the ministry or consecrated life.”

Aciprensa has it.  HERE The UK’s (and now US’s) best Catholic weekly has it.  HERE Francis made a book/interview which will be released next week.  A sample has been released. In the sample we find that Francis says that pastoral … Continue reading

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@JamesMartinSJ shovels scandalous rubbish to justify sin

UPDATE: I wonder if this changes the issue somewhat.  HERE  Bolger apparently wrote to someone about his regrets.     Private letter, not a public statement. No… it doesn’t change much. Originally Published on: Nov 10, 2018 _____ Here is yet … Continue reading

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Cringeworthy Narcissistic Jesuit Homosexualist Prayer from @JamesMartinSJ

Narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist (I know… tautology) James Martin, LGBTQSJ is the topic of a post at LifeSite.  Jesuit-run Amerika is spamming people with a narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist prayer composed by Martin. This part caught my special attention: Michael Hichborn, president … Continue reading

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@JamesMartinSJ close association with “comedian” whose writer is “glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life”

Homosexualist activist and Jesuit Fr. James Martin, LGBTSJ, calls himself the “Show Chaplain” for the execrable and only occasionally amusing Stephen Colbert.  HERE and HERE Here’s something for the “Show Chaplain” to Colbert Report, Colbert’s former show before taking over a … Continue reading

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Archbp. Chaput to #Synod2018 – no “LGBTQ” in any Church document

Some people are concerned that the 2018 Synod (“walking together”) on Youth will be rigged to create unheard of new openings toward the normalization of homosexual acts and homosexualist identity. Today I read at the Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic … Continue reading

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In Atlanta protests about @JamesMartinSJ upcoming talk – #sodoclericalism

There is a piece at LifeSite that you should see, if you want to understand something about how The Present Crisis grew, over the years, to the existential threat that it is in these USA. Remember: The Lord gave us … Continue reading

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One Mad Mom spanks James Martin, LGBTSJ – UPDATED

UPDATE: I had a call from a friend who underscored her real shock at Martin’s ghastly suggestion in his tweets.  The more I think about it, the more loathsome the true content of Martin’s tweets appears. He told people that … Continue reading

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One Mad Mom spanks homosexualist Martin, LGBTSJ

The excellent One Mad Mom handles bratty Jesuit homosexualist James Martin, LGBTSJ, as only mad moms can. Here’s a taste… Martin’s Twitter Manifesto Fr. Martin is now using Twitter to post his latest book. Honestly, by using 15 tweets to … Continue reading

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Wherein homosexualist activist @JamesMartinSJ tries to deceive you

Scandalous Jesuit and homosexualist activist James Martin has a 1700 word deceptive whine at Jesuit produced Amerika Magazine. Let’s have a look. First, a few comment to hold in mind as you sort through Martin’s claims, bad premises, and distortions. Above … Continue reading

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“Gay” Parade in Rome with @JamesMartinSJ and a bishop close to the papal inner circle

Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle where you didn’t have the finished photo?   Slowly enough pieces fit together and you see what is the intended result. This is in today’s La Verità, which broke The Viganò Testimony. … Continue reading

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“Somehow, almost overnight, our culture decided that a “LGBT” identity is something that one is born with.”

He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. However, I suppose that the dicastery headed by non-Card. McCarrick’s former apprentice in Washington, Card. Farrell, deemed it opportune to have Martin there. At Crisis David Prosen reacts both to homosexualist … Continue reading

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