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What has the Left been up to? A few examples.

What has the Left been up to? They are becoming more radical and deranged. For example, the inimitable Maxine Waters (D-CA) is calling on those who are susceptible, incredibly, to listen to her to harass and insult and attack publicly … Continue reading

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Concerning @JamesMartinSJ talking at Vatican @LaityFamilyLife sponsored @WMOF2018

I am astonished.  And I am not astonished. At the site of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, we learn that Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin has been asked to speak at the upcoming World Meeting of Families. This meeting … Continue reading

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Did the catholic Left and homosexualists ignore Pope Francis’ words about seminarians?

The other day Pope Francis told the Italian bishops not to admit homosexual men as seminarians.    I wrote a post about it HERE.  CNA also reported it.   Reuters had it. “If there’s a doubt about homosexuality, it’s better not … Continue reading

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@JamesMartinSJ can also amuse

The loony liberal Left had a predictable meltdown concerning something Pres. Trump said.   “Yawn”, right?  The sun also rose in the East today.   It’s turns out POTUS did not call immigrants “animals”, but rather members of MS13. However, the context-challenged … Continue reading

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@austinruse on “Slippery Jim” @JamesMartinSJ and his non-explanation explanation

Over at the excellent Crisis I see that Austin Ruse (President of the Center for Family and Human Rights – C-Fam) has caught up. He penned a piece about Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin’s wobbly affirmation of “official” Catholic teaching about homosexuality … Continue reading

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Promoted by @JamesMartinSJ – Jesuits have yoga in church sanctuary at a school

Take a really good look at this, at a Jesuit site on Facebook. This is yoga in the sanctuary of St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan, which also has a well-known High School.   In view is a door that … Continue reading

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Concerning lying by omission, the perils of words, and the advantages of silence

At First Things there is a piece by Ramona V. Tausz, who rightly admires the discretion of Queen Elizabeth II regarding the media and too much public exposure.  She writes: [T]here is something refreshing about Elizabeth herself. Nowadays, we expect … Continue reading

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Considering Andy Warhol in view of certain homosexualist activists

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is a great article about the Pop Art icon Andy Warhol and Warhol’s faith and piety. This may surprise some people: he was devout and practiced his faith… which is … Continue reading

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Efforts to “queer” the Church and explaining @JamesMartinSJ

Tell me this isn’t coordinated. First, for a while now, some theologian friends and I have watched with a measure of distaste and concern a “queering of theology”. I see today via Corrispondenza Romana a story entitled: “Papa Francesco apre … Continue reading

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The Four Last Things, False Paths, and @JamesMartinSJ

Homosexualist activist James Martin, SJ, tweeted this today. Gospel: Today Jesus talks about not only the end times, but the end of our lives. Is it morbid to think about your death? No, it can be clarifying. It helps you … Continue reading

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@JamesMartinSJ and “downward-facing dog”

In 2015 Pope Francis said: “You can take a million catechetical courses, a million courses in spirituality, a million courses in yoga, Zen and all these things. But all of this will never be able to give you the freedom” … Continue reading

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Our new ‘catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard. Their cadres and their tactics.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao and other leaders signaled to the masses, such as gangs of students, whom they should target for attack and public abuse.  Quickly the mobs, led by party cadres, began to conduct purges of “enemies … Continue reading

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Esolen: “Open Your Eyes Father Martin”

I am usually eager to read anything penned by Anthony Esolen.  But when I saw the title of Esolen’s newest offering at Crisis, I put everything aside: “Open Your Eyes Father Martin” Father James G. Martin, S.J., is either a cruel … Continue reading

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Read every word, top to bottom. HERE The moderation queue is ON. UPDATE: Alas, some of the comments over there leave quite a bit to be desired.

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Is homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. @JamesMartinSJ a heretic? Canon Law with Ed Peters.

Canonist Ed Peters posted at his excellent site In The Light Of The Law, an illuminating post bringing greater clarity to what heresy is and what Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin thinks. Peters doesn’t have a combox, but I do. … Continue reading

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