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26 August 2018 Sermon of Fr. John Lankeit in Phoenix – BOOM! – mic dropped.

He makes a useful distinction about “clericalism”. Fr. Z kudos. Fr. Lankeit also touches on on something that I wrote about yesterday, about priests who force the Mass to their own will, rather than conforming themselves to Mass.   He speaks … Continue reading

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Outstanding sermon! Fr. Lankeit @PhoenixDiocese – response to unscrupulous homosexualist agenda

The last time I was in Phoenix I didn’t have the chance to meet Fr. John Lankeit, rector of the Cathedral of Sts. Simon and Jude (a great feast day for another reason).  I have written about him before HERE. … Continue reading

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MUST HEAR BEFORE YOU VOTE! One of the BEST sermons I’ve ever heard – ACTION ITEM!

This is astonishingly good.  Listen to EVERY word… especially before you vote. This sermon was delivered by the Rector of Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, Fr. John Lankeit.  I have written about him before. I may just steal … Continue reading

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What Rome’s CDW says about altar boys, girl altar boys, and lay service at the altar in general

I have been getting some… interesting, I think could be the word … email since I posted my praise and defense of Fr. Lankeit, Rector of the Cathedral in Phoenix where the excellent Bp. Olmsted presides. For those of you … Continue reading

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More on the decision about altar boys at the Cathedral in Phoenix

In the diocesan newpaper of Phoenix, The Catholic Sun, there is a follow up article about the decision of the rector of the cathedral to have only altar boys serving.  Read here and here for more. You can read it … Continue reading

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After reading this howler from the Conference for Women’s Ordination or COW … no… that’s not it… the Women’s Ordination Conference or WOC…. whatever… take note (below) of our WDTPRS ACTION ALERT! I’ll bet this comes from WOC’s Ministry of … Continue reading

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