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VIDEO about legendary Latinist Fr. Reginald Foster, OCD

My old Latin mentor, Fr. Reginald Foster, was featured in a spot on CBS: I first met and studied with Foster in the mid-80s and then spent years in his 5th Level thereafter. Foster has a book about his method. … Continue reading

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A legendary living Latinist

Over at Laudator Temporis Acti, which I check every day, there is a great post about legendary Latinist Fr Reginald Foster, OCD, who for decades worked in the Holy See’s office of Latin Letters writing official documents in the Church’s language.  Fr … Continue reading

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UPDATE on Reginald Foster’s ‘Ossa Latinitatis Sola’ – Request for old Ludi Domestici

UPDATE 21 Oct: A priest friend sent me a photo of his very own copy of Ossa, duly delivered.  Yes, folks, the books are shipping. UPDATE: Some people are asking me for updates on the publication of the 1st volume of … Continue reading

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Reginald Foster’s 1st Latin book FINALLY out!

Nota bene, all you former Reggie students. At long last… after many delays… Fr. Reginald Foster’s Latin book is printed, released and shipping on 18 October!  I’ve added it to my list. Ossa Latinitatis Sola ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque: The Mere … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Want to study Latin with the famous Fr. Reginald Foster? Now you can!

UPDATE 14 July: I will, along with you readers, take partial credit for this:   From what I can tell from my Amazon stats, you have purchased, so far, 276 copies. That’s a good start! UPDATE Published on: Jun 22, 2015 @ … Continue reading

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You say “wherever” and I say “everywhere”…

Documents from the Holy See were, once upon a time, composed in Latin.  They tended to be clear and concise.  Then things changed, with unfortunate results.  Document over the last couple decades have sometimes been murky and often been far … Continue reading

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For Latin Students – Fr. Foster’s Summer intensive course – in the USA!

I received this about Fr. Reginald Foster’s Summer Latin course, as well as another course, … to be taught in the USA rather than in Rome! UNIVERSUM  LATINITATIS  CURRICULUM A.    Annua Exercitatio Communis •    Milvauchiae mense Octobri ad Maium•    in … Continue reading

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Report on Fr. Reginald Foster

A couple weeks back I was in Milwaukee and I went to visit the famed Latinist, Fr. Reginald Foster, OCD.     He has been recovering from a long and what was a very life-threatening illness.  Fr. Foster has made simply amazing … Continue reading

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