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PODCAzT 142: It’s Nazi Germany, it’s 1937, you are Catholic, and you are afraid. Mit brennender Sorge!

Fr. John Hunwicke, at his fine blog Mutual Enrichment, reminds us all that on this liturgical day, Monday of Holy Week, in 1937…
… the Gestapo raided diocesan offices and presbyteries all over Germany. The previous day, Palm Sunday, when the churches were … Continue reading

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CNS: Catholic Colleges and Title IX Exemptions

This comes from the Cardinal Newman Society:
Catholic Colleges Should Claim Title IX Exemptions, Says Newman Society President
As Title IX interpretations have expanded to include discrimination policies grounded in gender theory, Catholic colleges should have no qualms about claiming constitutionally-protected exemptions, … Continue reading

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How liberals want to rule.

From CharismaNews:
Houston, We Still Have a Problem: Lesbian Mayor at It Again
Remember when Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, tried to subpoena five pastors’ sermons in a case over the controversial transgender rights ordinance there? This same lesbian mayor is trying … Continue reading

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Dems vote for constitutional amendment to limit free speech and freedom of religion

This is by Zac Morgan, a staff attorney at the Center for Competitive Politics writing at NRO.  My emphases and comments.
Does Religious Speech Threaten Democracy?
It could be restricted or banned under a constitutional amendment Democrats have proposed.
The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday … Continue reading

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Freedom of “worship”? Not of “religion”?

I had heard a story about the Naturalization Test legal immigrants (always welcome) take for citizenship in these USA.  I tried a self-test at the .gov site.
I saw this:

One of these, freedom of “worship” or freedom of “religion” is fine.  The … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat on the dangerous redefinition of “freedom of religion”

In the Sunday edition of Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times) there is a good op-ed by Ross Douthat.  I recommend his book: Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.
Defining Religious Liberty Down
THE words “freedom of … Continue reading

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D. Tyler: A spiffy sermon for the opening of the Fortnight of Freedom

From the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the Diocese of Tyler, comes this sermon from Fr. Anthony McLaughlin.
He nails it.
He sets up the context, lays out many examples of how the Obama Administration has been undermining freedom, and then … Continue reading

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A Good Friday Liturgy intercession in the light of our current concerns

In light of the current circumstances we face as Catholics, as people of all faiths, and as American citizens, this is excerpted from the Good Friday intercession prayers in the Ordinary Form:
IX. For those in public office
Let us pray also … Continue reading

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US Bishops call Pres. Obama’s attack “literally unconscionable”

USCCB reaction to Obama Administrations war on freedom of religion.
Fri, 20 Jan 2012 19:57:45 +0000
DATE: January 20, 2012
FROM: … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 126: Benedict XVI’s important address to US Bishops on Religious Freedom and the Church in the Public Square

In this PODCAzT we drill into an important address given by Pope Benedict XVI on 19 January 2012 to the bishops of Regions 4-6 in the United States.
This was Benedict’s second major discourse to US bishops who are making their ad limina … Continue reading

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