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PASCHALCAzT 54 – Low Sunday, Octave of Easter: Taking off the robes

It’s Low Sunday, the Octave of Easter, also called “Dominica in albis” and Quasimodo Sunday, from the Introit. Christ is risen! Alleluia!  The Octave is over! Today we hear about a vastly neglected membership of our Holy Church, whose voice … Continue reading

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CHRISTMASCAzT 26: Have yourself a merry, longer Christmas!

Here is CHRISTMASCAzT 26, for Holy Innocents in the Octave of Christmas. G. K. Chesterton helps us remember that Christmas is more than just Christmas Day. And Joseph Ratzinger has something to say about taking things for granted. Have some … Continue reading

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King Alfred, the great White Horses, and today’s creeping heathen weeds

In the Anglican tradition – I’m not sure if the Ordinariates pick this up – today King Alfred the Great is commemorated, on the anniversary of his death.  He was a pivotal figure in the history of England, and a … Continue reading

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The elation of a good confession humbly made

At The Catholic Thing there is a piece by Regis Martin about the Sacrament of Penance. When was the last time you went to confession?  When was the last time you made that good and complete confession of all mortal sins … Continue reading

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Rutler on Luther and Islam

As  a former Lutheran, I won’t look forward to Catholic-Lutheran hoopla in 2017.  I, for one, won’t celebrate theological revolt and the shredding of the fabric of Christendom. A must read is to be found at Crisis from the keyboard of Fr. George … Continue reading

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“the very essence of our republic and our reason are being overturned in the public order”

It is interesting that Ameriʞa Magazine would feature something by or about Fr. James Schall, SJ.   Perhaps this is Jesuit solidarity?  Fr. Schall, a political philosopher, is retiring from his long and distinguished teaching career at Georgetown. Fr. Z … Continue reading

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Chesterton in support of Dolan’s call for renewal of confession

As the USCCB meets, I offer this from G. K. Chesterton’s Autobiography (UK link HERE): When people ask me, or indeed anybody else, “Why did you join the Church of Rome?” the first essential answer, if it is partly an … Continue reading

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