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Hard views of Pope Francis from Spectators

I bring to your attention a couple hard-hitting pieces not for the purposes of depressing you, but informing you. I’ve advised elsewhere that if this pontificate, or perhaps “parenthesis”, is getting you down, then stop paying so much attention to … Continue reading

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The more jihadists attack West, the more frightened leaders cower.

In American Spectator there is a piece by George Neumayr caught my eye: THE DIVIDED WEST Its “values” are too confused to eliminate jihadism. The White House’s decision to avoid the Paris rally against last week’s jihadist killings conforms to its relaxed … Continue reading

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A couple Saturday reading tips

At American Spectator there are a couple good articles. The first is by one of the best commentators around, Samuel Gregg.  Here is an excerpt: […] Self-identified modern liberals (and secularists more generally) typically insist that justice and tolerance demand … Continue reading

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