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QUAERITUR: Good Friday prayer for the Pope during “Sede Vacante”

When there is no Pope, priests and bishops have to pay attention during the Eucharistic Prayer to omit the name of the Pope. I received a question today: If we are still Sede Vacante on Good Friday, is the intercession … Continue reading

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A reader about a parish with confessions on Good Friday

From a reader: I had to tell you about what happened at our parish ___ this Good Friday. We had confessions on Good Friday for the first time that I can remember since coming here in the early 1990s. Not … Continue reading

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A Good Friday Liturgy intercession in the light of our current concerns

In light of the current circumstances we face as Catholics, as people of all faiths, and as American citizens, this is excerpted from the Good Friday intercession prayers in the Ordinary Form: IX. For those in public office Let us … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The scheduling of Good Friday and Holy Thursday in the Extraordinary Form

I will let you liturgical experts and interested dabblers provide this good reader with some help. I may be missing something, but I can’t see much of a problem.  You readers might see differently. From a reader: A question for … Continue reading

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WDTPRS REVISITED: The “new” Good Friday prayer for Jews inserted into the 1962MR

Later today, I will participate in the Good Friday service in the Extraordinary Form.  Thank you, Holy Father for Summorum Pontificum. During the Good Friday service, there are many intercessory prayers.  One of them is for the Jews.  Over the … Continue reading

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WDTPRS Good Friday: cruor… streaming gore

Cruor has a precise meaning: “Blood (which flows from a wound), a stream of blood (more restricted in meaning than sanguis, which designates both that circulating in bodies and that shed by wounding). ORATIO: Reminiscere miserationum tuarum, Domine, et famulos … Continue reading

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Major League Baseball – another Good Friday blown save

There are quite a few Major League Baseball games scheduled for tonight, but there is just one scheduled during the day at the time Good Friday services are on: 2:20 PM ET in Chicago: Dodgers at Cubs at Wrigley. I … Continue reading

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Confessions during the Triduum

Each year one sees confusion about the Sacrament of Penance during the Triduum. Some priests, liturgical experts, and even diocesan liturgy offices wrongly claim the rubrics of the Missal or “Sacramentary” forbid the sacrament of Penance. However, this claim is … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on the Good Friday prayer for Jews

Sandro Magister has an English translation of some of the Holy Father’s book-interview with Peter Seewald, Light of the World. Among the bits provided there is something about the Holy Father’s choice to change the bidding prayer for the Jews … Continue reading

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Fr. Cantalamessa’s sermon for Good Friday in the Vatican Basilica

Here is the text in English of Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa’s sermon for Good Friday in the Vatican Basilica. My emphases and comments: "WE HAVE A GREAT HIGH PRIEST" Homily on Good Friday 2010 in Saint Peter’s Basilica "We have a … Continue reading

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Because this week wasn’t bad enough already…

Okay… lemme get this straight. In midst of this controversy, the Pope’s preacher stands up Good Friday, not at all a controversial day for this pontificate, and… like Joe Biden with an open mic… compares the present persecution of the … Continue reading

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