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TONIGHT: LIVE streamed Presidential ProLife Forum in SC with candidates

Tonight, 18 January, there will be a LIVE Presidential ProLife Forum presented by Personhood USA in partnership with other national pro-life organizations 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm EST.
All Presidential candidates have been invited to participate, and, as of this moment, … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter’s nonsensical remarks about Santorum the Catholic

It is possible to enjoy a person’s writing style and the sound of the gears whirring in the brain even while disagreeing with what you are reading.  People forget to remember that fairly often.
Thus, today I take strong exception to … Continue reading

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Votes matter

The results of the Iowa Caucuses were incredibly close, a virtual tie: Romney by 8 votes… .000065%.
I have friends who have opined that they may opt out of the voting process in this election cycle.
That is a really bad idea.
The … Continue reading

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Fr. Z about, and to, Mr. Gingrich. Implantation? Not conception?

How many times have we heard that presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is smart? I would pay money to watch a debate between Mr. Gingrich and Pres. Obama.
People can convert, grow, change, mature, etc. … Continue reading

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