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An American Bishop switches political parties

Rev. Mr. Kandra, at his blog Deacon’s Bench, has an entry about His Excellency Most. Rev. Thomas Tobin, Bishop of Providence. Bp. Tobin has announced a switch of his political party.  He has left the Democrats and has registered as … Continue reading

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The graphic Santorum mentioned in his “victory speech”

Here is the graphic Rich Santorum mentioned in his “victory speech”. The graphic represents the size and composition of the entourages of the GOP candidates in Iowa. Santorum’s campaign is at the bottom…. of the graphic, that is. From my … Continue reading

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Readers in Iowa: Caucases

Any Iowans around here today? Are you going to caucus tonight?

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Alan Colmes remarks about Rick Santorum’s child; Santorum’s remarks about marriage

I watched a segment on Hannity’s show tonight (between plays) and candidate Rick Santorum was on. He explained the death of his newborn child, which became a point of – I am not making this up – mockery from liberal … Continue reading

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