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Adventures in “gay” ad blocking

I hate this ubiquitous “gay” rainbow garbage. First, I can’t stand what has been done to the word “gay” and I detest the appropriation of a sign of God’s benevolence to promote a totalitarian agenda. I noticed at the bottom … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Priest puts up scandalous “gay” flag for annual public “pride” week. Bishop: zero help.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I’m asking for some advice/direction on a frustrating and too common issue. A local parish priest in my diocese has been flying the pride flag outside his parish for the second year in a row for … Continue reading

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What does @JamesMartinSJ say about the “gay” desecration of the Montréal church? – UPDATED

UPDATE 3 August 2019: Still nothing from James Martin on this.  We know he has seen it by now. Is this important? Someone sent me a link to an article at the detestable New Ways Ministry about the event. The … Continue reading

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Excellent patron saint for LGBTQ – St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs

As “Pride” month continues… Today is the feast of St. Charles Lwanga and companions, murder victims and martyrs of homosexual depravity. Today we might also contemplate the various ways in which the State is encroaches in our lives in this … Continue reading

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Bp. Tobin catches hell for warning about “Pride” events. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I suspect that before too long we will see violence in the streets and overt attacks on churches over this. Boston Globe story about the vituperative blow-back that Bp. Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI is getting about a tweet he … Continue reading

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June and Martin, SJ

Why is Jesuit homosexualist Father James Martin’s obsessive focus so troubling?  Here’s an example. No mention of June as the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Rather, his focus for June is on “pride” in sodomy. To all my many … Continue reading

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@Church_Militant report on a twisted priest-predator has a familiar ring

I received this note from Church Militant: Church Militant filed a FOIA request and obtained the disturbing police audio recordings of Fr. Robert DeLand, now serving time in Michigan State Prison, caught in the act of preying on a 17-year-old … Continue reading

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Persecuted Fr. Kalchik responds to homosexualist Jesuit Martin

At Church Militant, there is a response by Fr. Paul John Kalchik – who was notoriously tossed from his Chicago parish after an infamous and blasphemous “gay” flag was burned – to homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. Jasmine Martin, SJ. More … Continue reading

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What priests – and you too – will have to deal with

I spotted this on Twitter. It’s not just the anti-Catholicism that comes from the outside that troubles us. More troubling is the anti-Catholicism from within. It has ever been so, since Judas sold the Lord. This is what faithful priests … Continue reading

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A Cardinal on the ropes of logic

After a busy week, I am catching up on things. There came to my attention a TV interview granted by His Eminence Joseph Card. Tobin, in the never-before-cardinalatial see of Newark, less than 17 miles and about a 45 minute … Continue reading

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Jesuit-run homosexualist Amerika’s latest pro-sodomy blasphemy

Jesuits.  What more is to be said? The Jesuits who run Amerika Magazine have a homosexualist agenda, that is, the promotion and normalization of sodomy. Look past the homosexualist fanaticism of Jesuit Fr. James Martin, and you find also the … Continue reading

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“an open attempt to normalize homosexuality among clergy”

At The Catholic Thing there is an interesting piece about Stephen P. White.  The writer looks at three pieces which concern The Present Crisis in the Church, and draws an interesting conclusion. […] These three pieces represent a shift away … Continue reading

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The “logical union of women’s ordination and sodomy”

I have noticed lately an uptick in chatter about women deacons, deaconettes, deaconesses, whatever.  There was a conference at Fordham recently at which speakers (read: promoters) blew past the obvious problems of our lack of certainty about what ordination may … Continue reading

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A conflicted Fishwrap v. Francis on homosexuals in seminary and priesthood

It took a while.  They probably needed to get the ringing in their ears to stop after being gobsmacked. The National Sodomitical Reporter (aka Fishwrap) hardly loses any opportunity to defend that which is contrary to nature. However, Fishwrap is also mired … Continue reading

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Cringeworthy Narcissistic Jesuit Homosexualist Prayer from @JamesMartinSJ

Narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist (I know… tautology) James Martin, LGBTQSJ is the topic of a post at LifeSite.  Jesuit-run Amerika is spamming people with a narcissistic Jesuit homosexualist prayer composed by Martin. This part caught my special attention: Michael Hichborn, president … Continue reading

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