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I don’t want to upset any of you with this, but I am going to inflict a word on you poor ignorant readers which many consider to be tooo haaard for Mary and Joe Catholic. Yes, I mean the dread ineffable! … Continue reading

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1st Vespers for Holy Family (BrevRom): “ineffable” sighting

For my weary brethren, 1st Vespers for Holy Family from the Breviarium Romanum.  I sing the hymn and recite the rest.  FOLLOW ALONG. There is a prime use of “ineffable”. The hymn is beautiful in both words and melody.  Here … Continue reading

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FLASH! Fr. Z agrees with Winters of the NCFishwrap. Freezing of Hell to follow.

Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter Fishwrap and I are both carbon-based life forms.  I don’t think we have agreed on much else. That said, on a day when I also agree with something on the site of … Continue reading

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“Ineffable” sighting!

I have not seen yet a copy of the YouCat, the catechism prepared for young people.  That said, I was amused by an excerpt, a paragraph from the same, a reader sent today: 183. Why is there music at liturgies, and … Continue reading

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An ineffable anecdote

During the preparation of the new translation, some defenders of the old way of doing things, the so-called “dynamic equivalence” method of translation, carped about the new goal of greater accuracy would be tooo haard for people in the pews.  … Continue reading

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Ineffabiliter sapiens, sapienter infans

Yesterday I wrote my column for the Christmas issue of The Wanderer.  Inter alia I delved into what St. Augustine said about the eternal Word becoming an infans, "incapable of speech", as the Lord’s way of teaching humility.  Augustine explores … Continue reading

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“Ineffable” sighting… in the wild!

His Excellency Most Rev. Donald "Ineffable" Trautman, the Bishop of Erie, is concerned that people in the pews aren’t able to understand words such as "ineffable". Granted, vocabulary of the new translation of the Roman Missal is no longer his … Continue reading

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Before reading this be sure to remove all children below High School age from proximity to the monitor or screen. From a reader comes this troubling note: I had to share this with you, seeing as you seem to enjoy … Continue reading

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More ineffabilitas

Perusing Romano Guardini’s The Rosary of Our Lady on the Third Glorious Mystery I found this little gem… Her life must have been ineffable in its tranquility. Guardini, Romano.  The Rosary of Our Lady.  (Trans. H. von Schuecking).  New York: … Continue reading

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