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ASK FATHER: Eucharist carried into space for astronaut on the ISS. Self-communication? – UPDATE

UPDATE 5 May 2016: Since today is seems appropriate to talk about “going up”… From a priest: This authorization for receiving the Holy Eucharist in space is pretty long-standing at this point. Astronaut Tom Jones mentions the Eucharistic service conducted … Continue reading

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A few days back, this was on Astronomy Pic of the Day. From the International Space Station as it travels around your planet. It is not CGI! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FG0fTKAqZ5g If you are every wondering where the ISS is, click HERE. I … Continue reading

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All Alone in the Night

A reader alerted me to this video, which is way too cool.   Time-lapse video taken from the International Space Station when on the night-side of our little blue marble. [wp_youtube]FG0fTKAqZ5g[/wp_youtube]

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I did a very cool thing! And a cameo appearance.

I did a very cool thing. The International Space Station was to pass reasonably close to my position, though it would be pretty low on the horizon. I hooked up my handheld radio to an external antenna (a Buddistick) tuned … Continue reading

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