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Ross Douthat on the dangerous redefinition of “freedom of religion”

In the Sunday edition of Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times) there is a good op-ed by Ross Douthat.  I recommend his book: Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.
Defining Religious Liberty Down
THE words “freedom of … Continue reading

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Homosexualists threaten parish for standing up for true marriage

A press release from The Catholic Action League:
A Catholic parish in the Diocese of Fall River [Massachusetts] has become the object of threats of violence, and vandalism, because of a sign posted on church property supporting … Continue reading

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Priest receives severed pig’s head as a threat

From the Daily Mail comes this.
I have some sympathy for this fellow.
Severed pig’s head dumped on doorstep of crime fighting Italian priest after he condemned Mafia
Mobsters have dumped the severed head of a pig on the doorstep of a brave … Continue reading

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Minnesota: complaint that Church was “lobbying” concerning true marriage dismissed

I think there may be a political/social war brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota along the lines of what we saw in Madison, Wisconsin over the issue of the state budget and labor unions.  In Minnesota, however, the issue will be … Continue reading

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Fr. Sirico in NRO: The Church as the Bride of Caesar

National Review Online a couple days ago had a great piece by Fr. Robert Sirico of Acton Institute.
My emphases and comments.
The Church as the Bride of Caesar
July 27, 2011 4:15 P.M.
By Fr. Robert A. Sirico
It is telling that the Washington … Continue reading

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Intimidation is the Enemy’s Tool

I have been thinking about the priest who was assaulted in Italy and the way the Catholic left treats conservatives and traditionally minded Catholic priests and lay people.
Assaults are not only physical and launched by people who are disturbed or … Continue reading

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