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Dublin’s Archbp. Martin criticizes young traditional priests

Across the pond at RU-486 (aka The Pill aka The Tablet), we find this:
‘Conformist’ younger clergy wary of Francis – Dublin archbishop
Pope Francis’ courage is causing disquiet among those with “a very conformist and closed Catholicism” the Archbishop of Dublin … Continue reading

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IRELAND: birthrate below replacement

Does this surprise anyone? From the Iona Institute:
Irish birthrate slips below replacement level
Ireland’s birthrate has dropped below replacement level, new figures have revealed.
The figures, published yesterday in the Central Statistics Office Statistical Yearbook, show that overall, the total fertility rate, … Continue reading

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Irish Govt. to force Catholics to perform abortions. Law allows for no exception or conscience objection.

From the Dignitatis Humanae Institute:
Irish Government Set To Compel Catholic Doctors To Perform Abortions
Rome, 16 August 2013
“Even nations with the most permissive abortion laws do not normally go so far as to trample on the basic right to conscientious objection.” … Continue reading

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Another bishop restricts eulogies

Sermons for the older form, Extraordinary Form, Requiem Mass are to be pronounced only with the permission of the local bishop and are to be delivered after Mass concludes, while wearing no vestments.
There is a lot of wisdom in this, … Continue reading

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Shades of Notre Shame! Jesuit-run Boston College to honor pro-abortion ‘catholic’ Irish PM

Did you see that Jesuit-run Boston College is going to have the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as their commencement speaker and then give him an honorary degree?  HERE
Shades of Notre Shame!
Enda Kenny, catholic, promoted abortion in Ireland.  Enda Kenny … Continue reading

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Putting the well-deserved spotlight on Irish dissident Fr. Tony Flannery

At this site Renew America the Australian author Eamonn Keane has done us a great service by summarizing many points concerning the Irish heretic Fr. Tony Flannery, who has been under scrutiny by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the … Continue reading

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Yet another group of dissidents forms … where else?….

Get this from the Irish Examiner:
Umbrella group aims to speak for Catholics
By Claire O’Sullivan
Friday, November 09, 2012
A new lay organisation which wants to articulate the views and opinions of mainstream Irish Catholics is being established. [The premises you are supposed … Continue reading

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Our Catholic future and the war of attrition: an object lesson

It is interesting to compare dioceses for the numbers of their vocations to the priesthood.  Some swanky and tony dioceses have few.  Some fly-over dioceses have many.  What are they doing differently?  Which are the differentiating factors?  Is it something … Continue reading

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Brick By Brick in Ireland

For your Brick By Brick file comes this good news.
I learned from a friend (and I think the news is now getting around) that the Institute of Christ the King has obtained a church in Limerick, Ireland.
The rather wordy press … Continue reading

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Stop the whining LCWR. You aren’t the only group getting an extreme make-over.

Long-time lax catholics may not enjoy the resection and sutures the physicians of the CDF and the USCCB are applying to certain groups within Holy Church, but, as St. Augustine once preached, a doctor doesn’t stop cutting just because the … Continue reading

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