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ASK FATHER: How to explain the Eucharist to a Jesuit ( @ThomasReeseSJ )?

Four years ago to this day, I posted ASK FATHER: How to explain the Eucharist to a 3 year old? It could be reworked into a post along the lines of: ASK FATHER: How to explain the Eucharist to a … Continue reading

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Jesuit Thomas Reese against Transubstantiation. Wherein Fr. Z responds.

Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, is well known to readers of this blog as a charlatan theologian. He was once the editor of Jesuit-run Amerika, but in 2005 the CDF ousted him due to his stances on the use of condoms, … Continue reading

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31 July – St. Ignatius of Loyola! Please intercede for your spiritual sons.

Today is the Feast of the founder of the Jesuits. May I say from the onset that I have some spiffy Pope Clement XIV gear? HERE Here is the Martyrologium Romanum entry for this great saint, Ignatius of Loyola. To … Continue reading

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More on the Jesuits’ perennial rejection of women – UPDATED – @JamesMartinSJ is sad

On the feast of St. Mary Magdalene homosexualist Jesuit James Martin said that he is “stupefied” that the Church doesn’t let women preach. Right away I posted HERE that all major orders have female components except the Jesuits.   Martin would … Continue reading

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Jesuitical screenshots

Here is something instructive from One Mad Mom.  Moms pay attention to details. A Tale of Two Screen Shots Two screen shots from Fr. Martin say what we all know but I’ll just paraphrase: “I have no say in what … Continue reading

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@JamesMartinSJ – “It is stupefying that women can’t preach”, says the Jesuit. Oh, yeah? Here’s what’s truly stupefying.

Get a load of this… It is stupefying to me that women cannot preach at Mass. The faithful during Mass, as well as the presiders, are missing out on the wisdom, experience and inspired reflections of half of its members. … Continue reading

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FEAST DAY! 21 July 1773 – Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits!

It is a great FEAST today. Today, 21 July, in the year of grace 1773, Pope Clement XIV of happy memory, issued his Bull by which he suppressed the Jesuits. I have all sorts of Papa Ganganelli gear which you can order … Continue reading

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Archd. of Indianapolis says Jesuit school isn’t Catholic

UPDATE 22 June: CNA has more of the back story. HERE UPDATE 21 June: Check out canonist Ed Peters on this story. HERE ___ You may have already seen this, but I’m both glad and sad to post it. This … Continue reading

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June and Martin, SJ

Why is Jesuit homosexualist Father James Martin’s obsessive focus so troubling?  Here’s an example. No mention of June as the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Rather, his focus for June is on “pride” in sodomy. To all my many … Continue reading

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Jesuit-run homosexualist Amerika’s latest pro-sodomy blasphemy

Jesuits.  What more is to be said? The Jesuits who run Amerika Magazine have a homosexualist agenda, that is, the promotion and normalization of sodomy. Look past the homosexualist fanaticism of Jesuit Fr. James Martin, and you find also the … Continue reading

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More Jesuit antics in that ‘caput malorum omnium’ the Church in Germany

Putting the pessima in corruptio optimi pessima. From a reader: Dear Father, Apparently, the Vatican has accepted P. Wucherpfennig SJ as rector of the Jesuit High School Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt, Germany. He was recently denied the nihil obstat by … Continue reading

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In Atlanta protests about @JamesMartinSJ upcoming talk – #sodoclericalism

There is a piece at LifeSite that you should see, if you want to understand something about how The Present Crisis grew, over the years, to the existential threat that it is in these USA. Remember: The Lord gave us … Continue reading

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More Jesuit idiocy – BUT WAIT! There’s more!

This is something that was perpetrated in a JESUIT church in NYC, the once and still mostly beautiful St. Francis Xavier, which is part of a large and once important High School. Watch and bite your lip till bloody. This … Continue reading

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“Somehow, almost overnight, our culture decided that a “LGBT” identity is something that one is born with.”

He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. However, I suppose that the dicastery headed by non-Card. McCarrick’s former apprentice in Washington, Card. Farrell, deemed it opportune to have Martin there. At Crisis David Prosen reacts both to homosexualist … Continue reading

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Promoted by @JamesMartinSJ – Jesuits have yoga in church sanctuary at a school

Take a really good look at this, at a Jesuit site on Facebook. This is yoga in the sanctuary of St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan, which also has a well-known High School.   In view is a door that … Continue reading

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