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Fishwrap has an excellent interview with Archbishop Chaput

Even as blind squirrels sometimes find acorns, sometimes the National Catholic Fishwrap does something right.  And it won’t surprise anyone that my friend the nearly-ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr. was involved. Fishwrap – rather Mr. Allen – has a long, … Continue reading

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Notes about today’s Fishwrap

First, the following people were added – since last time – for the Wednesday Mass for benefactors following the Fishwrap Protest. JV, MM, TM, JS, JM, MG, SK, DL, DS, MB, NG, KR, BF, DS, MK, AB, SN, ST, ACO … Continue reading

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Fr. Z on John Allen on “Top Nine Reasons why Baseball is to Sports what Catholicism is to Religion.”

My friend the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr., sadly still writing for the ultra-liberal dissenting National Catholic Reporter has a in his Friday saddle-bag a piece about the sport God loves which I must share with the readership here. … Continue reading

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About the upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum

There was a great deal of anxiety poured out by traditionalists over reports that an upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum might erode Pope Benedict’s own provisions.  I was skeptical about that and cautioned calm and  the action of prayer for … Continue reading

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Is the “Vatican’s” government a “train wreck”?

There is a slow seismic tremor running very deep, but it is discernible. For example, some in the UK are saying that the Bishops meetings there ought to be live-streamed so that the Catholic people know what is going on.  … Continue reading

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I think the first time I ever heard of “Catholic Taliban”, it was years ago in an editorial by Al Matt, editor of The Wanderer.  He was referring to a brand of traditionalist who is, as I sometimes identify them, … Continue reading

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If only they could get that partnership on track!

Which of these pairs doesn’t belong: Pope John XXIII – Pres. Kennedy Pope John Paul II – Pres. Reagan Pope Benedict XVI – Pres. Obama In his piece called "Obama and Benedict: A partnership delayed, but not yet denied", Allen … Continue reading

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John Allen’s piece on “stampede” away from Card. Castrillón

My friend Mr. John L. Allen, Jr., the fair-minded correspondent for the ultra-lefty NCR wrote a piece about Card. Castrillon and the controversy surrounding his letter to the French bishop.  Think what you will about the dreadful NCR, but I … Continue reading

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More from John Allen on Msgr. Marini and Benedict XVI

This is a companion piece to Mr. Allen’s interview with Msgr. Guido Marini, the papal MC. My emphases and comments. Liturgist: Pope aims to ‘propose’ practicesMar. 03, 2010By John L Allen Jr ROME — For the better part of five … Continue reading

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John Allen interviews Msgr. Marini: Pope Benedict proposes rather than imposes

When my friend the nearly ubiquitous fair-minded John L Allen does an interview, it is usually a good one.   Try to overlook the fact that he writes for dissenters’ central, the ultra-liberal fishwarp, the National Catholic Reporter. There is a … Continue reading

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