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PODCAzT 130: Ratzinger on Conscience and Truth – Part 1

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! In 1991 Joseph Card. Ratzinger gave a talk to American Bishops called “Conscience and Truth”.  This talk is useful today, especially in the context of two major controversies that are going on as I … Continue reading

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“To me, the most serious element in all this was the breach of fundamental, liturgical consciousness.”

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! In Co-Workers of the Truth: Meditations for Every Day of the Year, from the works Joseph Ratzinger (you know who) for 25 April we read a blurb from his perennially useful Feast of Faith (US … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Last Days of Advent: 18 December – Liberation Theology

In these final days of Advent preparation, the Church prays with great intensity. It is one of the “greater feria” of Advent, the home stretch, as it were. Here is today’s COLLECT (2002MR): Concede, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus, ut, qui sub … Continue reading

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Why we need more “ad orientem” worship: “we cannot serve this world with a kind of banal officiousness”

Perpend: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …” (Mt. 28:19). But the dynamism of this mission, this openness and breadth of the Gospel, cannot be revised to read: “Go into the world and become the world yourselves!” Go … Continue reading

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Of Popes, Jubilees and Pontifical Masses

I was alerted to this video over at Rorate. I would point out that this year on 29 June is the 60th Jubilee of our Holy Father’s ordination to the priesthood, together with his brother Georg. It is too bad … Continue reading

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Joseph Ratzinger and Hans Kung: compare and contrast

Be sure to check out the latest by my friend Samuel Gregg who writes for Acton Institute.  Mr. Gregg has a fine comparison of  Papa Joseph Ratzinger and Fr. Hans Kung, sparked by the coincidental release of their respective new … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the “Benedictine arrangement”

At NLM there are photos of a “Benedictine arrangement” of an altar in Bogota. The “Benedictine arrangement” is, of course, the placement of the Crucifix with candles at a versus populum Mass such that the Crucifix becomes the common focus, … Continue reading

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LOCK AND LOAD! LUTHERAN CLARITY about the attacks on Pope Benedict!

There is a spectacular examination of the recent attacks on Pope Benedict – the Pope of Christian Unity – and on the Church by a LUTHERAN theologian on a Lutheran site, Logia, a Lutheran theological journal. It is long but … Continue reading

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“So long as its valid, we can do what we want! Right?”

Some people think that so long as Mass is valid, that the minimal elements of valid matter and valid form are used, we ought to be able to change all the other elements to conform to the needs or goals … Continue reading

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Not every valid Council was a fruitful Council.

"Not every valid council in the history of the Church has been a fruitful one; in the last analysis, may of them have been a waste of time.  Despite all the good to be found in the texts it produced, … Continue reading

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