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QUAERITUR: Why are SSPX Masses valid, but not marriages or absolutions?

From a reader:
Fr Z, can you help me out with the why here and right terms.. I’m missing a piece of the puzzle?
A priest was asking me a question, regarding another person who is coming from the SSPX back to … Continue reading

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More canonical stuff on Archd. Detroit v Voris (Real Catholic TV)

The Canonical Defender, Prof Ed Peters, has more to say about Archd. Detroit v. Voris (and “Catholic”).
He gets into a question I raised HERE.
He doesn’t have a combox.  Do visit his blog and spike his stats.
A few more things to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Who is bishop of the Moon?

Under the recent entry about titular sees, the question arose about which bishop would have jurisdiction over the Moon.
I think there are conflicting claims.  I heard once that Rome itself had jurisdiction.
However, there is another claim.
Sometimes it is said that … Continue reading

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