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QUAERITUR: When Mass is in an unconsecrate place do you still kneel?

From a reader: Every year we attend a youth conference held in a local hotel. Ever since I can remember, they have everyone stand during Mass. They have even had announcements before the Masses saying that “we will follow the … Continue reading

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Overcome idolatry in life by kneeling at during Mass

From the gentlemanly Sandro Magister. I love the opening salvo. This splendid article reminds me of a story told by a priest friend about a very high American prelate.  On visiting his seminary, the prelate noted that no one was … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: In the USA is it against the law to kneel for Communion?

From a reader: I know this may seem a bit odd, but  I was hoping to get your perspective on the U.S. GIRM 160, which states:  "The norm for reception of holy Communion in the dioceses of the United States … Continue reading

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Pont. Comm. “Ecclesia Dei” letter about Communion in the hand

Even yesterday I had a conversation about the thorny issue of just what Summorum Pontificum (the 3rd anniversary of its release is tomorrow, blessed day) might have revived. Take the situation of the distribution of Holy Communion. In the old … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: conflict with priest over receiving Communion kneeling

From a reader: My pastor refuses to give me Holy Communion on my knees.  I approached him privately.  He claims that I am denying him his rights as a priest, destroying unity……he has tried to compromise with me by requiring … Continue reading

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In Belleville, Bp. Braxton takes a stand on kneeling (POLL ALERT)

On the site of a newspaper in SW Illinois, St. Louis, bnd.com there is an article about the Bishop of Belleville, Most Rev. Edward Braxton. It seems that in one of the parishes in the diocese of Belleville, people are … Continue reading

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Card. Cipriani again! Communion on the tongue, kneeling. “Our souls are at stake.”

Remember the story from 23 August about Cardinal Cipriani in Lima, Peru? Cardinal Cipriani wants a communion plate or paten to be used reception on the tongue kneeling Now comes this 30 September from a reader in Peru: Dear Father … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Should I stand or should I kneel?

From a reader: I am a bit of an amateur rubricist (God help us all), and know the rules in the Ordinary Form.  The bishops of the United States, under the permission of the Holy See, have mandated kneeling during … Continue reading

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