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Fascinating exchanges over the meaning of ‘Amoris laetitia’ – Is some clarity emerging?

If you haven’t been following this, you might tune in. Pope Francis’ document Amoris laetitia has sparked sharp divisions and debates.  The sides have drawn up pretty much into two camps… well… three if you count the uninformed, which is pretty large. … Continue reading

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The two smallest nations on earth have squared off: the Vatican City State and the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta.   I understand that San Marino may be readying for its own move. The often amusing Eye … Continue reading

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Knights of Columbus bankroll Crux. Do @KofC also hold @Crux editorial positions?

I saw a piece at Crux today which left me disappointed.  The piece in question is an opinion hit-job by Austen Ivereigh against anyone who dares to suggest that there are problems with Chapter 8 of Amoris laetitia. Ivereigh is a … Continue reading

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Gonzaga University and the Knights of Columbus – UPDATE

A while back I posted about Gonzaga University’s rejection of the Knights of Columbus.  HERE There has been some movement on that front. Sponsorship Granted to Knights of Columbus April 30, 2013 Statement from the Office of President, Gonzaga University … Continue reading

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Jesuit-run Gonzaga University rejects Knights of Columbus?

This is absurd. The last acceptable prejudice around these days is to hate faithful practicing Catholics who accept the Churches teachings on faith and moral. Now the acceptable prejudice is creeping into the catholic community itself. I read at Catholic … Continue reading

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STrib whines about Knights of Columbus help for the MN Marriage Amendment

In the ultra-liberal newspaper of my native place, the Star-Tribune, there is a wacky article trying to turn Catholics against the Knights of Columbus, because the KCs are donating to help the Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota constitution.   Here … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can Catholics join Rotary or the Elks, etc?

From a reader: I am aware that as Catholics, we may not join masonic organizations. My question regards the Elks and the Rotary club? Do they fall under the same prohibition or is membership in these two organizations permissible for … Continue reading

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I had a note from a good friend, and very active Knight, who is trying to put together an initiative for traditionally-minded Knights of Columbus. He pointed out that over the last year several posts here announced Masses in the … Continue reading

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Results of Marist/KC poll: majority of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong

The results of a KC and Marist College poll: CLICK

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