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About Greek “deipnon… supper”: a meal or a sacrificial meal?

Today, Fr. John Hunwicke of the Ordinariate has a terrific post which every priest and seminarian should read before Palm Sunday (that means “today”, right now as a matter of fact). I won’t give you clippings.  Take and read. HERE

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QUAERITUR: Did Jesus feed the Apostles on the tongue at the Last Supper?

From a reader: Father, do you think Jesus fed His apostles on the tongue when he instituted the Eucharist? I think it is very likely. You may try to respond that He didn’t.  Gratis asseritur. But, I’ll play along…. I … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for Holy Thursday evening Lord’s Supper Mass – a theology of kneeling

The Pope’s sermon for Holy Mass evening “Supper” Mass. Within this sermon there is a tremendous reflection on the posture of kneeling. My emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters! Holy Thursday is not only the day of the institution … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Some thoughts about the Pope’s new book – part II

For Part I go HERE. I have read an advance copy of the new, second volume of Benedict XVI’s book, Jesus of Nazareth. The new book will be released worldwide for Lent 2011, with a date of 10 March. Just … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Catholic “seder” meal

From a reader: If you have time this week, I was hoping you could post something about Seder meals and whether or not they are important for Catholics to have them.  It seems that I’m hearing varying responses about it.  … Continue reading

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