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WDTPRS – 8th Sunday after Pentecost: Be yourself… more

This Sunday’s Collect in the Extraordinary Form is from the ancient Veronese Sacramentary and the Gelasian and the so-called Gregorian. It survived the liturgical tailors with their scissors and thread to live on in the post-Conciliar Missale Romanum on Thursday … Continue reading

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Official LATIN version of ‘Amoris laetitia’ promulgated in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis

At the beginning of the sad and confusing controversy that has surrounded the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, with its objectively ambiguous statements that have pitted bishops’ conference against conference, diocese against diocese, parish against parish, family against family, I … Continue reading

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The penny dropped for another musician

The penny dropped for another musician. At increasingly useful Crisis today I read a piece by a musician about the state of church music today.  His summary: disaster resulted from the degradation of sacred worship in Latin.   Of course it … Continue reading

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Latinists! A great opportunity in June

I’ve been in touch with the folks who are organizing Sermo Fidelium (Talk/Language of the Faithful). This will be a few days in a truly beautiful setting for Latinists and students of Latin to spend time together latine loquentes. The … Continue reading

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BOOK: The Devil Hates Latin

The title of this book intrigued me from the start, since it is a phrase that I have written many times.  It came out last year (I’m surprised that I wasn’t alerted, frankly). The Devil Hates Latin by Katherine Galgano … Continue reading

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All-black boys school in Philadelphia where Latin is the key

A reader alerted me to a piece in the Wall Street Journal about an all-black boys school in West Philadelphia where Latin is taught in a serious way: Boy’s Latin. The subtitle of the article is outstanding: A dead language helps … Continue reading

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A legendary living Latinist

Over at Laudator Temporis Acti, which I check every day, there is a great post about legendary Latinist Fr Reginald Foster, OCD, who for decades worked in the Holy See’s office of Latin Letters writing official documents in the Church’s language.  Fr … Continue reading

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Tinkeritis: Screwing around with, screwing up, liturgical translations

You may have heard that there is an initiative underway to “review” or “study” vernacular translations of the texts of Mass and the norms according to which they are to be prepared as given in Liturgiam authenticam.   This would be … Continue reading

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Latin Contest Announcement: Prize €20000

The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontificia Academia Latinitas will issue a prize of €20000.

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ASK FATHER: Can the Novus Ordo be “ad orientem”, in Latin, with Deacons?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Can a Novus Ordo be ad orientem with Latin, chant, a subdeacon and deacon in traditional vestments? Not only can the Novus Ordo be celebrated ad orientem, it ought to be.  The rubrics indicate that this is the standard, … Continue reading

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“…the language demons fear the most…”

At Catholic Gentleman we find an interview with “Mixed Martial Arts” fighter, Bas Rutten.  Biretta tip to a reader –   o{]:¬) In the interview we find: 14. You say frequently, “Deo gratias!” This is Latin for “Thanks be to God.” … Continue reading

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UPDATE on Reginald Foster’s ‘Ossa Latinitatis Sola’ – Request for old Ludi Domestici

UPDATE 21 Oct: A priest friend sent me a photo of his very own copy of Ossa, duly delivered.  Yes, folks, the books are shipping. UPDATE: Some people are asking me for updates on the publication of the 1st volume of … Continue reading

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Reginald Foster’s 1st Latin book FINALLY out!

Nota bene, all you former Reggie students. At long last… after many delays… Fr. Reginald Foster’s Latin book is printed, released and shipping on 18 October!  I’ve added it to my list. Ossa Latinitatis Sola ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque: The Mere … Continue reading

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1962: Of Manners in Church, of the Vernacular, and of Vocations

One of you readers sent me a link to a video from 1962, made in Ireland, about the changes in the Ritual for administration of sacraments, especially of Marriage and Baptism.   They talk about the New Ritual, the introduction of … Continue reading

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Memories of Vatican II’s halcyon days. Who could have predicted that things would fall apart?

Over at Crisis there is a great piece recounting memories of Vatican II times… those spirit-filled, halcyon days! I particularly enjoyed this paragraph about the writer’s days in a Catholic girls school: We attended Mass in Latin, sang hymns in … Continue reading

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