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ASK FATHER: Mass in Classical Latin

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Could the Mass and the Office be said in the classical pronunciation? Yes.  It would be a little strange, but, yes. The way we speak Latin in the Church right now is based on how Italian … Continue reading

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When ‘experts’ interpret the wishes of the laity: What could go wrong?

Over at NLM my friend Gregory DiPippo has a fine essay with reflections on the imposition of the vernacular for Holy Mass back in 1969/70.  This topic has been on my mind lately, given that we have been at this … Continue reading

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A 5-year old shows us how it’s done

For those snobby dopes out there who think Joe and Mary Bagofdoughnuts in the pews are too stoopid to handle Latin or that hearing some chant is toooo haaaard. Here is a 5 year old singing the common Christian table … Continue reading

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Of Latin oddities

I can’t resist this one from Dr. Peters: Lighter fare: [thanks for the homage] can bad Latin save a papacy? by Dr. Edward Peters I got an odd one a few days ago (okay, I get lots of odd ones, … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Ways to improve celebration of Mass with Novus Ordo

From a reader: We are trying to help make a very reverent Ordinary Form mass. Any suggestions? We thought Ad Orientem and Sung Propers might be a good start! Any other suggestions? Right off the bat, we can all improve … Continue reading

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Just Too Cool: Leo XIII’s Latin Riddles

I have known about Pope Leo’s poetry for quite a long time. But this is great! From CNS: Papal puzzler: Leo XIII anonymously published riddles in Latin Pope Leo XIII, born in 1810, is credited with being the founder of … Continue reading

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Lutherans call for Latin Liturgy as an aid to identity and unity

I saw a post at a Lutheran blog calling for  – wait for it – more Latin in their liturgy. As a convert to Holy Mother Church from Lutheranism, I found this pretty interesting.  I am aware that there exists … Continue reading

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Scholarships to study Latin in Rome (16-24 year olds)

This caught my eye.  From my email: Announcement of Competition: Latin, Greek and Humanities at the Academy Vivarium Novum in Rome – Italy Academic year 2014-2015 The Academy Vivarium Novum is offering ten full tuition scholarships for high school students … Continue reading

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More on Brentwood Butler and revolt against the ICEL translation

A little while ago, a priest of the Diocese of Brentwood (UK), Fr. Michael Butler – director of the diocesan commission for liturgy, sent a letter to the priests of that diocese, and to the über-liberal, dissident weekly publication The … Continue reading

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“If you want your Latin in the Mass, you can keep your Latin in the Mass. PERIOD!”

The 1983 Code of Canon Law says, first, that Mass is to be celebrated in Latin, and then, or in other approved languages. The Council’s document on liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, says that the Latin language is to be preserved. Contrary to … Continue reading

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