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POLLS: Latin and/or Vernacular at Low Mass (TLM)

Under another entry HERE I deal with the question of vernacular readings during the Low Mass of the Extraordinary Form.
A long-time reader and supporter of this blog suggested a poll.
Here are a couple POLLS coming at the question from two … Continue reading

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Of Latin and Sunday collections

I was alerted to an interesting point found in a parish bulletin.
Old Saint Mary’s in Cincinnati provides information about the weekly totals for the collections at Masses.  The totals for 26 May were interesting.  HERE

Given that the 11 o’clock is … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Use of Latin in the Ordinary Form

From a reader:
I thought you may be interested to know that our priest, for certain Daily Masses in the Ordinary Form, is using Latin for the majority of the Mass. We use English for the readings, the collect, postcommunion, and … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: “No more terrible Latin.”

From a priest:
I regularly use a limited amount of Latin in the OF at weekend Masses. Most parishioners really appreciate it, but after catechesis and so on a few just won’t give up their protest.
Last Sunday I preached on Otranto … Continue reading

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4-10 Aug: very cool summer “Church Latin” workshop – Veterum Sapientia 2013

I bring to your attention a summer Latin workshop from 4-10 August at Belmont Abbey College, Charlotte, NC.
Veterum Sapientia 2013
The teaching faculty includes the legendary Fr. Reginald Foster, Fr. Daniel Gallagher (Foster’s successor at the office of Latin Letters in … Continue reading

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A priest asks about exorcisms

From a priest:
I am a young priest in the Diocese of ….. A number of months ago you posted from a conference on exorcism you attended in Tulsa. In one of those posts you said something to the effect that … Continue reading

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The rediscovery of dignity in Sacred Music

I have in the past mentioned Sr. Joan Roccasalvo, CJS, who has some intelligent things to say (about which I agree for the most part) about sacred music.  She has another offering at CNA, to which I want to point … Continue reading

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Latin names of Cardinals. We’ll hear one of these from the loggia of St. Peter’s!

Today I was planning on posting something about the Latin versions of first names of Cardinals whom the Electors may chose as the next Pope.  The first indication will be the former Cardinal’s first name, in Latin, in the accusative. … Continue reading

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HEY LATIN STUDENTS! Conventiculum Viomingense (very cool)

The other day I shared a photo of the Wyoming Catholic College display at the Legatus Summit.  This was one of the t-shirts.

Is that cool, or what?   And now comes this!

 We are happy to announce a new summer … Continue reading

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Hopeful vibrant continuity v. the grim liberal watchmen

Over at Views From The Choir Loft there is a good post about music, and Latin, and our heritage in the Latin Church.  The writer is Dr. Peter Kwasniewski who teaches at Wyoming Catholic College.
Vatican II says that “care should be … Continue reading

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