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GUEST POST: TLM 1st experience: Extraordinary Form is easier than the Novus Ordo

From a reader: I just read the post in which you shared a reader’s observation about the pastoral nature of the TLM. I experienced something similar. I went to my first TLM on Nov. 2 for All Souls. A few … Continue reading

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“Latinitas” rediviva

This is from News.va: Presentation of the new journal “LATINITAS” Vatican City, 8 November 2013 (VIS) – This morning a press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office to present the first issue of the new series of … Continue reading

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At long last! Inspectis dierum nostrorum!

At the blog of The Chairman of the LMS there is great news. For a while I lamented that the Congregation for Catholic Education’s 1990 Instruction on the Study of the Fathers of the Church in the Formation of Priests … Continue reading

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ICEL: 50th anniversary – Two Cheers for ICEL!

Two cheers for ICEL! I was sent this by an ICEL insider: ICEL was founded in St Peter’s Basilica fifty years ago today. The occasion will be marked by a Solemn Mass at the Altar of the Chair at 5pm, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can you confess in Latin?

From a reader: I know that the use of Latin is good for large international Masses (and for parish Masses, too…!), but what if, say, a priest and penitent didn’t speak the same language? Could a confession be made in … Continue reading

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NASA and Latin

This is pretty cool. From the Beeb: Mars images to go on social media feeds in Latin By Zoe Kleinman Pictures of the surface of Mars, taken from Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), are to be captioned in Latin on … Continue reading

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POLLS: Latin and/or Vernacular at Low Mass (TLM)

Under another entry HERE I deal with the question of vernacular readings during the Low Mass of the Extraordinary Form. A long-time reader and supporter of this blog suggested a poll. Here are a couple POLLS coming at the question … Continue reading

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Of Latin and Sunday collections

I was alerted to an interesting point found in a parish bulletin. Old Saint Mary’s in Cincinnati provides information about the weekly totals for the collections at Masses.  The totals for 26 May were interesting.  HERE Given that the 11 … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Use of Latin in the Ordinary Form

From a reader: I thought you may be interested to know that our priest, for certain Daily Masses in the Ordinary Form, is using Latin for the majority of the Mass. We use English for the readings, the collect, postcommunion, … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: “No more terrible Latin.”

From a priest: I regularly use a limited amount of Latin in the OF at weekend Masses. Most parishioners really appreciate it, but after catechesis and so on a few just won’t give up their protest. Last Sunday I preached … Continue reading

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