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JUST TOO COOL: Is there a way to put this on my wish list?

If only I could put THIS on my amazon wishlist!
This is an 1849 Colt .31 caliber revolver made for the Pontifical Swiss Guards!
Documentation indicates that some of these revolvers were sent “either to Vatican guards or possibly to supporters of … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Feast of St. Michael on a Sunday? Fr. Z responds with a Michaelmas sermon.

From a reader:
Today in the old calendar is the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost. [Indeed, it is.]
It’s also September 29, the feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Michael. [Indeed, it is.]
Propers for the TLM I attended today were … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can Catholics be Masons?

From a reader:
Recently I spoke with someone, who said Catholicism and Freemasonry would be compatible. I don’t really believe this. What’s the teachong of the Church about this matter?
Catholics may not be Masons or belong to masonic organizations. That’s it.
As … Continue reading

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Leo XIII on abusive legislation

Pope Leo XIII in Au Milieu des Sollicitudes 24 (1892):
“Here is precisely the ground on which, political dissensions aside, upright men should unite as one to combat, by all lawful and honest means, these progressive abuses of legislation. The respect … Continue reading

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The “Libertas praestantissimum 31″ Coffee or Tea Mug

When I make a new item of Z Swag, such as a coffee mug, I am always a bit nervous that the image won’t be clear, or there will be something wrong with it.
That is why I generally will try … Continue reading

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More Leo XIII: on religious liberty and the tyranny of liberalism (read: Pres. Obama’s Administration)

The other day I posted a quote about civil authority and freedom from an encyclical of Pope Leo XIII called Diuturnum illud.  I was happy to see that Bp. Slattery also quoted that enecyclical in his outstanding response to Pres. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The “Novus Ordo” Ordinal for ordaining bishops, priests, deacons

From a reader:
Leo XIII condemned Anglican orders and succession as invalid since 1552. Even after re-admitting the prayers regarding the “work and office of a priest” in the ordination 100 years later, the line had become extinct so it was … Continue reading

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So a Pope and an Anglican Archbishop walk into an Abbey…

The other day when Benedict XVI was at Westminster Abbey, together with Anglican Archbp. Williams for an Anglican service, I just about sprayed my Mystic Monk Coffee on the screen when I heard that the Holy Father chose to … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 88: Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart; Leo XIII’s Annum Sacrum

Here is a rapidly made project to take advantage of the fact that today, 11 June, is the 110th Anniversary of Pope Leo XIII’s Consecration of human race to the Sacred Heart.
Today we hear the encyclical Annum Sacrum of Pope … Continue reading

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