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“There is no prize for being the oldest dissident Jesuit priest.”

Dozens of people have sent me links to stories about a 90+ year old Jesuit who was suspended in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for “concelebrating” with a fake wymynpryst… the one who had her “ordination tambourine“.  Remember her?
There is a … Continue reading

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ZUHLIO RETURNS: “Where Have All The Sisters Gone”?

The Official Parodohymnodist of Fr. Z’s Blog has inspired – I don’t know how he does it – has inspired – or even why he does it – has inspired to emerge from retirement
Yes, after the triumphant reemergence from retirement … Continue reading

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Yet another group of dissidents forms … where else?….

Get this from the Irish Examiner:
Umbrella group aims to speak for Catholics
By Claire O’Sullivan
Friday, November 09, 2012
A new lay organisation which wants to articulate the views and opinions of mainstream Irish Catholics is being established. [The premises you are supposed … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Synod of Oz

There is an interesting piece in the ultra-liberal UK paper, The Guardian.
One of the biggest lies the church tells itself is that it doesn’t do politics. The General Synod of the Church of England is set up in the round … Continue reading

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Duhhhh…. Nice try, Fishwrap!

It seems that the National catholic Fishwrap took exception to my little dig.  Heh heh.
Michael Sean Winters got all excited and thought he scored a point.   He is baiting me, of course, but I’ll take the bait this time.
Here is … Continue reading

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Benedict’s little dig at liberals

In his new book the Holy Father has a dig at liberals.
I am sure this was directly at the Fishwrap. Aren’t you? o{];¬)
In some portrayals of the figure of Jesus, the emphasis is placed almost exclusively on the radical aspects, … Continue reading

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Senate Bill gives govt. agencies WARRANTLESS access to everything you do on the internet

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I think this is the ‘‘Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2011’’ – or S. 1011.
The Obama Administration has been undermining the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
Here is … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Examination of conscience and “Speaking against priests or consecrated religious”

From a reader:
Hello Father! An examination of conscience asks, “Have I spoken against a priest, or against anyone consecrated to God? (This is a sacrilege).” I am not sure what constitutes “speaking against”, but I have made fun of the … Continue reading

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Quislings for Obama

Phil Lawler at CWN picked this up:
On the web site of Catholics for Obama [Quislings for Obama] right above the story blasting critics of the Plan B contraceptive—you’ll find a photo of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, roaring with laughter, with a smiling President … Continue reading

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Liberals only invoke their Catholicism when it agrees with their Leftism

Radio talk-show great Dennis Prager analyzes pro-abortion catholic VP Joe Biden’s abortion response during the debate.  HERE.
A taste….
Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?
In the vice presidential debate, the two candidates, both Roman Catholics, were asked about their religious beliefs, how they … Continue reading

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