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“By the pricking of my thumbs…”

At LifeSite there is an interview with Peter Kwasniewski.  He opines that the decentralization of authority in liturgical matters could recreate an environment in the Church much like the 70’s. Of course that would accelerate the growth of desire for … Continue reading

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What Does Pope Francis’ Letter To Card. Sarah Really Say?

By now you have seen coverage of a letter that his Holiness of Our Lord Pope Francis sent to an Italian site, La Nuova Bussola, for publication. [HERE]  Inter alia, it explains something about the meaning of Magnum principium, Pope Francis’ … Continue reading

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The Germans are revolting.

And so it begins. When Magnum principium came out (which increased the role of bishops conferences in the preparation of liturgical translations), I mentioned that the Germans are usually the problem.  HERE Now there’s this from the Catholic Herald.  My emphases and comments. … Continue reading

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Card. Sarah: Holy See has last word on liturgical translations

People ran around with their hair on fire a while back when Pope Francis changed the process by which translations of the liturgical texts are prepared.  He gave a greater role to bishops conferences. I read today at the National … Continue reading

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“A Jesuit commenting on liturgy is like…”

At Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) contributors are wetting themselves – and each other – over the Motu Proprio Magnum principium, by which Pope Francis took part of the role in working up liturgical translations, etc., away from the Congregation for Divine Worship and … Continue reading

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New Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio changes law about preparation, approval of liturgical translations

Today a new Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio was issued under the Latin title “Magnum principium”.   In various languages HERE (including the Latin text). There’s a lot to say.  I can’t now be exhaustive. Also, I want to read slowly the … Continue reading

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