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Wherein women can comment about clothing and modesty.

Another entry is being derailed into a discussion of women’s clothing and modesty.  It’s a great topic, but was a rabbit hole.
Therefore, I am opening this entry here.  I will now back out slowly of the room, while whispering the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: School principal orders girl not to wear a chapel veil during Mass

From a reader:
My daughter attending Catholic school at our novus parish determined after reading 1 Corinthians that she should be wearing a chapel veil at Mass. She began wearing it at Sunday Mass two months ago. However, when she tried … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Wore a black chapel veil and women scoffed

From  a reader:
I wore my black mantilla (it blends in with my dark brown hair better) to an OF Mass this evening for the second time (no issues the first time), but after I arrived, a group of chatty and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What to wear for my first TLM?

From a reader:
I have recently learned of an EF mass about an hour from my home. I would like to attend. In the past when I’ve had the opportunity, I’ve chickened out.
I have two fears- not know what to do, … Continue reading

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WDTPRS POLL: Should women wear head-coverings in church?

I ask fellow bloggers, liberal or conservative, traditional or progressivist, to help get the word out about this poll so we can have as large a sampling as possible.
You don’t have to be registered to be able to vote.
In another … Continue reading

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Mantilla giveaway

It would be nice to see greater use by women of the chapel veil or mantilla.  While the chapel veil is no longer obligatory according to the canon law for of the Latin Church (I have written about that several … Continue reading

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Women and veils for church revisited

From time to time I post something about women and chapel veils, head coverings, mantillas… call ‘em what you like.   Lively discussion inevitably results.
I was alerted to this by a reader.  It may be of some interest to female WDTPRSers.  … Continue reading

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