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ASK FATHER: I still wonder if my first marriage was “real”.

Life is messy, my dear readers.  We make mistakes.  We get get up.  We go forward, living with the consequences as best we may.  God sees clearly the whole truth and cannot be fooled about anything.  We, on the other … Continue reading

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Will reaffirmation of teaching on divorce and Communion be ignored?

At his fine canon law blog, canonist Ed Peters, sober, offers a rather scary view of a scary trend.  He has no combox over there.
Why the gathering storm over divorce might be worse than was that over contraception
Interesting parallels are … Continue reading

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FRANCE: Dead and Not-Yet-Dead Unions!

I saw an alarmingly amusing story at Charisma News:
Marriage Equality Takes Deadly Twist: Woman to Marry Deceased Fiancé
President François Hollande has allowed a French woman to marry her dead fiancé, under a little-known law dating back 55 years.
Pascale Liéard, 48, … Continue reading

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What else do we “tolerate though not accept”?

I keep coming back to the position of Card. Kasper about second “marriages”. HERE  That innuendo about a solution for second marriages … that we might fudge just enough to “tolerate though not accept” them…, well… it just bugs me.
How … Continue reading

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There’s marriage and then there’s marriage*

I had a comment in my messages from an Observant Person who had the misfortune to read an article about Card. Kasper’s remarks on marriage in advance of the Synod.
The Observant Person pulled a strange quote from Kasper via CNS:
“he allowed … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Converting to Catholicism. Do we need convalidation of marriage?

From a reader…
I am in RCIA and am scheduled to be confirmed at Easter. I was raised Baptist and baptized as a teenager, as was my husband, but we had both left church and were only married civilly. I am converting … Continue reading

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Card. Burke explains what Pope Francis is up to.

In English for L’Osservatore Romano (the Vatican’s “daily”), Raymond Card. Burke writes of The Francis Effect:
American Cardinal on the message of this Pontificate The Pope’s radical call to the new evangelization
During a recent visit to the United States, I was … Continue reading

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Health benefits of marriage v. cohabitation

We all know… or should know… that we cannot lie to God.
Apparently we can’t lie to ourselves either.  God made us that way.
A priest friend in the great state of Texas sent this to me from Live Science:
Marriage is linked … Continue reading

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Upcoming Synod, marriage confusion and ‘Casti connubii’

From a professorial reader concerned about the Church’s teaching on marriage, divorce, and the reception of Communion by the “remarried” come a helpful contribution.  He describes it (slightly edited):
I have to admit that I am concerned about the upcoming Synod, … Continue reading

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Archbp. Cordileone on AG Eric Holder’s attack on definition of marriage

From the site of the USCCB:

General Holder Acts Contrary to Supreme Court Decision
By Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone
Last week Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will recognize so-called “marriages” performed in Utah between persons of the same sex … Continue reading

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