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Card. Koch on Pope Benedict’s long term plan for the Roman Rite

For a long time I have thought that Joseph Ratzinger’s view was that side-by-side use of the older form of the Roman Rite and the newer Novus Ordo would eventually produce a tertium quid.  I wrote about that in the … Continue reading

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Reason #42564 for Universae Ecclesiae

Benedict XVI is a kind man of generous spirit. His desire to bring healing to a Church divided in every sphere if its life, and to lend to all, both on the liberal and the traditional side, a better lens … Continue reading

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Bp. Conley on transcendence in the liturgy and the new, corrected translation

An alert reader sent me the following.  This is a talk given last month by H.E. Most Rev. James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop in Denver to the Midwest Theological Forum. If I am not mistaken, Bp. Conley was one of … Continue reading

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The slipping-away of Catholic identity

I think that Pope Benedict had as a project for his pontificate the revitalization of Catholic identity.  The West is losing its soul because Christianity – Catholicism in particular – is not being lived by the mature or passed on … Continue reading

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The Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum

Do you remember that there was supposed to be an Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum? So … where is it? I have been of two minds about this instruction for a long time.   On the one hand, perhaps the less said, … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict v. Bugnini liturgy in Italy

The other day I posted about Pope Benedict’s message to Italian bishops meeting in Assisi in  plenary session.   His Holiness spoke of liturgy in terms that I thought were rather strong. Sandro Magister takes the Holy Father’s words as a … Continue reading

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Save The Liturgy – Save The World: a gloss on observations of Card. Cañizares

Regular readers here may… just possibily… recall that I drone on and on about what I think is Pope Benedict’s "Marshall Plan" for revitalizing Catholic identity after the devastation caused over the last 40+ years.  The Holy Father has, I … Continue reading

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“using the victims of clerical child abuse to fight internal political battles”

Some analysis from the UK by Damian Thompson with my emphases and comments: Some liberal Catholics are thinking: It’s payback time, Ratzinger! By Damian Thompson There is still no good evidence that Pope Benedict XVI is seriously implicated in the … Continue reading

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Hey bishops! Priests! A French bishop who really understands worship! Read… learn.

Around a thousand people (so it seemed at least) sent me links to and texts of a speech given by a French bishops, H.E. Most Rev. Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne.  Bp. Aillet had been the vicar general of the … Continue reading

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An important paragraph in “Caritas in veritate”

I am still absorbing the encyclical, and I don’t want simply to toss snippets around.   But I am being hammered in e-mail to make some comments about the encyclical. First, perhaps not much new is in the first part.  … Continue reading

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Pure joy: Enjoying the fruits of Benedict’s Marshall Plan!

I received word from a close friend, the great Roman, Fabrizio Azzola, who also helps staff the COL Forum, that his latest child, wisely named “John”, has been baptized, the first child to be so brought into the firm embrace … Continue reading

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