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The Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum

Do you remember that there was supposed to be an Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum? So … where is it? I have been of two minds about this instruction for a long time.   On the one hand, perhaps the less said, … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict v. Bugnini liturgy in Italy

The other day I posted about Pope Benedict’s message to Italian bishops meeting in Assisi in  plenary session.   His Holiness spoke of liturgy in terms that I thought were rather strong. Sandro Magister takes the Holy Father’s words as a … Continue reading

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Save The Liturgy – Save The World: a gloss on observations of Card. Cañizares

Regular readers here may… just possibily… recall that I drone on and on about what I think is Pope Benedict’s "Marshall Plan" for revitalizing Catholic identity after the devastation caused over the last 40+ years.  The Holy Father has, I … Continue reading

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“using the victims of clerical child abuse to fight internal political battles”

Some analysis from the UK by Damian Thompson with my emphases and comments: Some liberal Catholics are thinking: It’s payback time, Ratzinger! By Damian Thompson There is still no good evidence that Pope Benedict XVI is seriously implicated in the … Continue reading

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Hey bishops! Priests! A French bishop who really understands worship! Read… learn.

Around a thousand people (so it seemed at least) sent me links to and texts of a speech given by a French bishops, H.E. Most Rev. Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne.  Bp. Aillet had been the vicar general of the … Continue reading

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An important paragraph in “Caritas in veritate”

I am still absorbing the encyclical, and I don’t want simply to toss snippets around.   But I am being hammered in e-mail to make some comments about the encyclical. First, perhaps not much new is in the first part.  … Continue reading

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