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A “tour de force” about Protestants and Martin Luther

One priest in an email to me referred to this as a “tour de force” about Protestants and Martin Luther.
All I can say is… “Whew!”
Go to Crisis and read “Calling a Spade a Spade” by Angelo Stagnaro.
I can forgive Protestants and Protestantism … Continue reading

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Beautiful new painting: “St Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo defending Catholicism against Islam and the Protestant Heresy.”

Even as I repeat my plea to everyone on our side of the continuum to work together – amicably and patiently – at Rorate I found a wonderful image of a beautifully painted modern canvass.  They picked it up – felicitously – … Continue reading

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Card. Müller about Luther – Must read!

Let me start with a great quote from what will follow…
Amid today’s confusion, [… many people…] believe the Pope is infallible when he speaks privately, but then when the Popes throughout history have set forth the Catholic faith, they say … Continue reading

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31 July – St. Ignatius of Loyola: Jesuits and heretics… and tautology

May I say from the onset that I have some spiffy Pope Clement XIV gear? HERE
Here is the Martyrologium Romanum entry for great saint, the founder of the Society of Jesus. (To the right is my first class relic of … Continue reading

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CH: “Cardinal Kasper chases the spectre of Luther”

As you may know by now, the Catholic Herald is the UK’s best Catholic weekly.  This week in the print and online digital edition there is a review of a new book – released in time for this year’s LutherFest!   
I … Continue reading

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I just don’t get the whoopdeedoo about Luther this year in the Catholic Church.

I received a note from priest friend.  He included a PDF of an article to be published.  Here is the synopsis:
Synopsis: A close analysis of Kasper’s book on Mercy reveals a powerful embrace of Luther’s theology of grace and mercy. … Continue reading

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Poste Vaticane – Commemorative stamping to honor Martin Luther

Yesterday I heard that the Vatican Post was to issue a commemorative stamp honoring Martin Luther.  HERE
To honor someone who so publicly ripped asunder the fabric of Christendom is appalling.  Who’s next?  Judas Iscariot?
This is like:

Augustus Caesar minting coins honoring Marcus Iunius … Continue reading

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A Blessed who saw angels, Martin Luther, and YOU!

I had an email from a Portuguese blogger, with the interesting site, Senza Pagare.  He has a post about 50 of Luther’s ideas which are against the Catholic Faith.
Also, recently in Rome, he told me about a vision of a Blessed … Continue reading

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Rutler on Luther and Islam

As  a former Lutheran, I won’t look forward to Catholic-Lutheran hoopla in 2017.  I, for one, won’t celebrate theological revolt and the shredding of the fabric of Christendom.
A must read is to be found at Crisis from the keyboard of Fr. George Rutler. … Continue reading

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Of Protestantization, Flops and the Management of Expectations

Everyone should rush to read what Andrea Gagliarducci contributed in his latest Monday Vatican offering. HERE  Using as a springboard a new book in Italian on Luther by Angela Pellicciari, (not in English yet – Amazon USA HERE UK HERE – … Continue reading

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Learn from Luther… and kneel to receive Holy Communion!

The brilliant Fr. Hunwicke has a keen eye.
To wit:
Learning from Luther
Cardinal Marx believes in learning from Luther. Today, Rorate publishes a nice early engraving of Lutherans receiving Holy Communion into their mouths, and kneeling.
Nuff’ said.
Here is the image.

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The Pope, The Pill, and the Renewed Babylonian Captivity of the Church

Robert Mickens has shared the angst of his publication The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill) about a piece of clothing.  Not just any clothing, papal clothing.
Pope Benedict, Yes, Benedict XVI wore over his choir dress a stole decorated with the … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI with Lutherans in Erfurt: “It is not strategy that saves us and saves Christianity, but faith.”

During his State Visit to Germany, the Holy Father gave this address at Erfurt during an ecumenical gathering at the Lutheran church.  Erfurt is, of course, where Martin Luther’s Augustinian convent was.
A highlight:
Faced with a new form of Christianity, which … Continue reading

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