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Tuesday is my movie day: $5 admission all day and “free” popcorn.  Hard to beat.
Yesterday I went to see Ant-Man.  I flipped a coin.  It was either that or the new Terminator flick.
Since I did not grow up on the Marvel side … Continue reading

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AC-DC or Transgender Comics

There is, you should know to your horror, a trend in catholic “theology”, written by subversives, to “queer” theology.  Nothing is sacred.
You all know what is going on in society as a whole.
So, even as I remind the readership of the … Continue reading

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Stratford Caldecott is dying. Something just too cool ensues.

I have learned that the English writer Stratford Caldecott is dying.  He has end-stage cancer.  I know that you will, in your goodness, pray for him and for his.
Sad news, but there is a Just Too Cool element.
At the blog … Continue reading

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You shall be as gods… well… not so much…

One of the movies available on the flight was the new (newest? not too old?) Avengers (Marvel Comics).  By coincidence, a very smart writer, Edward Feser, wrote something about this movie today on his blog.  He looks at the issue … Continue reading

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