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Fr. Finigan @FatherTF and the importance of memorization

From time to time I comment on the importance of memorization in our life of the Faith.  Memorization was demonized by libs.  The reason is obvious.  Once a person memorizes something, it is his.  It sticks in him, sometimes waiting years … Continue reading

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From a priest: an interesting experience saying Mass

From a priest… I am a priest of ___, ordained now about a year and a half. I have been a regular reader of your blog since college, and I wanted to write you about an interesting experience I had … Continue reading

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WDTPRS Collect 19th Sunday after Pentecost- “Why did God make you?”

The snippers and stitchers of the Consilium allowed this Sunday’s prayer to survive unscathed in the post-Conciliar editions of the Missale Romanum. The Collect still echoes the ancient sentiments of Holy Church wherever the Roman Rite’s Ordinary Use of Holy … Continue reading

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“It was impossible to say Mass in the barrack, of course.”

Our religious liberties are not to be taken for granted.  I sometimes consider what I might do when they come for priests and bishops who continue faithfully to preach Catholic doctrine fully. When my mind goes down this dark track, … Continue reading

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