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Catholic League’s head: Pope Francis should expel Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’

This doesn’t need a lot of commentary. From NewsMax: Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: Pope Must Oust Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’ The “gay lobby” Pope Francis says is at work in the Vatican must be ousted to prevent further damage to the … Continue reading

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Voris video on Vatican II’s built in vagueness

Here is a video from Michael Voris in his usual non-committal, indifferent, ambiguous, vague, tepid, ho-hum style.  o{];¬) I will remind the readership that in the greater arc of the Church’s history, Vatican II wasn’t all that important.  It is … Continue reading

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When Vortices meet Hermeneutics – great video too

Over at the blog The Hermeneutic of Continuity there is a great shot of my friends Fr. Finigan, His Hermeueticalness himself, and Michael Voris of Church Militant.   Voris has Father – the Dean of Bexley! – doing the pencil … Continue reading

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SECRET WDTPRSNEWS INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Fr. Z with Michael Voris at the Church Militant studio!

I was recently in Detroit and, during my too brief sojourn, had the opportunity to visit the studio of Church Militant, the HQ of Michael Voris and his merry band. I have to say that I was deeply concerned at … Continue reading

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Michael Voris on attacks on Francis and Benedict

Michael Voris has some good things to say about the negative reactions to Pope Francis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tUoeOnF0OWM

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Another angle on kneeling for Communion

Michael Voris, of RealCatholicTV, has an interesting observation about something he saw in Nigeria compared to common practice in the USA. [wp_youtube]zjxuxyFbndA[/wp_youtube]

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Dr. Peters on the diverging view of two dioceses in the matter of RealCatholicTV

The Canonical Defender Prof. Peters has posted some thoughts and response regarding the seemingly divergent approaches of the Archdiocese of Detroit and the Diocese of Diocese Wayne-South Bend in the matter of Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV. HERE. Prof. Peters doesn’t … Continue reading

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Archd. Detroit, Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV – a development

There is a development in the case of the Archdiocese of Detroit v the use of “Catholic” by Real Catholic TV and Michael Voris. You will recall that the Archdiocese has required Mr. Voris and Real Catholic TV not to … Continue reading

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More canonical stuff on Archd. Detroit v Voris (Real Catholic TV)

The Canonical Defender, Prof Ed Peters, has more to say about Archd. Detroit v. Voris (and “Catholic”). He gets into a question I raised HERE. He doesn’t have a combox.  Do visit his blog and spike his stats. A few … Continue reading

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Dr. Peters about Michael Voris, RealCatholic TV and the Archd. of Detroit

Before going on… I wonder what this scenario means for the National catholic Reporter. ___ The Canonical Defender, Dr. Ed Peters doesn’t have a combox at his excellent canon law blog, In The Light of the Law.  Background here and … Continue reading

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