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Videos for your amusement and edification

A couple videos:
How many times have I dealt with this?
And this…

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Irish “Catholics” and our future choices

A new video from Michael Voris.

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A Michael Voris video, a WDTPRS POLL

I saw a filmette by Michael Voris related to the issue of eulogies and funerals and lack of adherence to Catholic teaching and scandal and the frustration of priests, etc.
Here is a little poll just to get a sense of … Continue reading

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Michael Voris on Summorum Pontificum and the lay of the land

Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV, reporting from Rome these last days, has a 15 March video in which he uses a phrase found rather frequently in these electronic pages.

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Michael Voris about tabernacles and, gasp, liberals!

Michael Voris has another indirect, deeply nuanced reflection, this time touching on issues such as the placement of the tabernacle in churches.

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WDTPRS POLL ALERT! (This might get things going.)

I love the title of this entry.   No, not the title of this entry… but Damian Thompson’s title on the entry where he posts Michael Voris’s latest.
Lesbian-hugging Marxist nuns have reduced US parishes to nuclear wasteland, Catholic pundit tentatively suggests
Mr. … Continue reading

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A Vortex Video about the need for true reform

Here is a video from Michael Voris.
What do you think?  On target?  Deluded?

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New Michael Voris video and WDTPRS POLL

The latest from Michael Voris.
Watch this first.
Then vote in the poll and….
… tell us about your vote in the combox!


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