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Bp. Paprocki: same-sex marriage activists no to be admitted to cathedral

Bp. Paprocki seems to be a “hard identity” Catholic. We need “hard identity” Catholicism.
That doesn’t mean being mean. That means being clear. “Hard identity” Catholicism doesn’t reject compassion or diplomacy or joy. That’s what liberals do. “Hard identity” Catholics wants … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What is wrong with women being lectors?

From a readerette:
Thank you for your wonderful blog.
I have been reading lots of comments, and seen some criticism of women lectors. What is wrong with women being lectors?
I will open the floor to readers in a moment.
First, only men are … Continue reading

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First Tonsure, Minor Orders, Eye Infections and a WDTPRS POLL

The minor orders were suppressed in the Latin Church in 1972.
Who knows if, down the line, through some gravitational pull exerted through the slowly increasing use of the Extraordinary Form and a greater focus on continuity with our tradition, they … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: bestowing “minor orders”

From a reader:
With the recent news of the upcoming ordination of several men to the Minor Orders, I was wondering — perhaps you’ve spoken on this — what is the canonical standing of these men?  I know several people, hostile … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: ordination in traditional form without minor orders

From a reader:
I had a question regarding ‘regular’ seminarians getting Extraordinary Form ordinations. 
I’m going into the seminary this fall for my diocese, so it would be a while before I get to ordination (if, God willing, I do), but … Continue reading

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