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CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday: UPGRADE and the aftermath of Zuhlsdorf’s Law

Last week I posted about the long delay for my Amateur Extra license upgrade to be posted on the FCC site.  It FINALLY came through.  So, that’s take care of. Last week I also posted on my struggles under the influence … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Update – A Scenario

Later today I’ll start up my Echolink program.  And remember that WB0YLE has a node for us. Last weekend I heard CW of a North American QSO (“contact”) Party that was going on.  I deciphered some of the calls, looked them up, … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday – POWER!

I have power. That is to say, the folks who made my Juicebox finally got the new batteries to me.  You may recall that my hardened portable power unit wouldn’t charge, despite my various efforts.  So, the Juicebox folks wrote to say they … Continue reading

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National Morse Code Day… and….

… National Prime Rib Day! Try to contain the excitement!   A frequent commentator on Ham matters here, LarryW2LJ has more.  HERE To celebrate this day, here is the theme for Inspector Morse, one of the best TV series themes … Continue reading

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More with Morse Code – cool app

I have lately posted some items about Morse Code.  One of you readers sent me a video, dated from the beginning of April, of a very cool alternative to those nasty and inconvenient touch screens on our iPhones. Enjoy! [wp_youtube]1KhZKNZO8mQ[/wp_youtube] … Continue reading

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The other day I quipped that, as I acquire the use of Morse Code, I was augmenting my study by watching episodes of Inspector Morse.  One person caught was I was talking about.  Apart from the name, the show’s musical … Continue reading

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I did a very cool thing! And a cameo appearance.

I did a very cool thing. The International Space Station was to pass reasonably close to my position, though it would be pretty low on the horizon. I hooked up my handheld radio to an external antenna (a Buddistick) tuned … Continue reading

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