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Card. Burke on “mutual enrichment”. Fr. Z rants.

When Benedict XVI promulgated his “emancipation proclamation” for the older form of the Roman Rite, his Motu Proprio  Summorum Pontificum, he wrote about a “mutual enrichment” between the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms which could take place.  For that to happen, … Continue reading

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Brick by brick… it is happening

Over at the excellent Chant Cafe, I found this from a priest contributor, Fr. Christopher Smith.  My emphases and comments.
I was recently at a Cathedral down South on a weekday and I wanted to celebrate a private Mass. As I … Continue reading

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What the Ordinary Form brings to the Extraordinary Form: the question of Mutual Enrichment

Since Universae Ecclesiae has been issued the subject of the “mutual enrichment” of the older and newer, the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite has reemerged.
For going on two decades now, I have been saying that – in … Continue reading

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Common Sense and Mutual Enrichment

I have spoken lately of music, that is, the Sanctus divided Benedictus and the silent recitation of the Roman Canon.  I even dealt with it in my last PODCAzT (here).
With a brotherly tip of the biretta to His Hermeneuticalness o{]:¬)   … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: EF practices in OF, OF in EF

From a reader:
I’d value your opinion. I attended Mass today at a parish run by a new, quite traditional community of priests that regularly uses the Extraordinary Form. Today they celebrated a reverent Ordinary Form Mass but the priest brought … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: using old Mass rubrics in the new Mass

From a reader:
Recently, our apostolate targeted priests to say the Ordinary Form properly as well, and even encourage the use of the rubrics of the Extraordinary Form, in the Novus Ordo. Nonetheless, one of our priest consultants (who is very, … Continue reading

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