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Merenda Time

It’s mid-afternoon coffee time.
How is your supply?

You know what to do.


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MYSTIC MONK COFFEE K-CUPS NOW AVAILABLE – What do they call them? Click and learn!

I just had a note from “Brother Java” of the Wyoming Carmelites.
On your behalf I wrote to suggest decaf in K-Cups as well.  Here is the response:
Dear Father,
Thanks for the suggestion!  We’re going to add Decaf Arabica, Midnight Vigils … Continue reading

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Cold-pressed, iced-coffee!

During the summer months I occasionally mention iced-coffee.
Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites have a coffee maker especially for iced-coffee?
Ecce! The Bodum Iced-Coffee Maker.

It is like a French press. You add the coffee and cold water, stir (always do that with … Continue reading

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Mystic Monk Coffee of the Month, for July, is….

For your opportune knowledge.
The Wyoming Carmelites are offering a new Coffee of the Month:
Kenyan AA Auction Lot
Representing the very summit of coffee perfection, the Kenyan AA Auction Lot is virtually flawless in every respect. The characteristic acidity blossoms into an … Continue reading

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Why Fr. Z pushes Mystic Monk Coffee.

Other than the fact that I get a commission every time you buy Mystic Monk Coffee using my links… and please, I ask you to do so, because it really helps… this video will also show you why I like … Continue reading

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Iced Tea Break

It is about 90°F and high humidity.  Sooooo…. thirstyyyyy…..
It’s time for a glass of iced tea!
Refresh your Mystic Monk Tea or Coffee supply HERE.

In the meantime, I made new editions of the Catholic and Faithful – American and Free mugs. … Continue reading

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It is muggy and hot and sunny and the perfect day to make iced-tea or iced-coffee.
I make jars of sun tea.
QUAERITUR: Where might get good tea and coffee these days while at the same time helping sound and traditional religious … Continue reading

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Strawberry Moon

Yesterday (and early today) was the super rare Transit of Venus, but a while back there was a spiffing eclipse of the Moon.
Here is a great photo from Astronomy Pic of the Day, of said eclipse over Cody, WY, an … Continue reading

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Of Tea and Coffee

From a reader:
Father Z, don’t forget to let everyone know that Mystic Monk has great tea!
I’m abstaining from coffee (decaf) until Obama leaves office!
I’ve been off for 2 months. God bless you!
Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites also have … Continue reading

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Starbucks promotes contrary-to-nature sex. Fr. Z suggests Mystic Monk Coffee as an alternative lifestyle choice.

As I posted before, Starbucks as a whole entity is backing contrary-to-nature sex and the perversion of marriage.
Decide whether or not you want to buy your coffee from Starbucks.
I suggest the alternative of buying Mystic Monk Coffee.
You help Carmelites to … Continue reading

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