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MYSTIC MONK COFFEE K-CUPS NOW AVAILABLE – What do they call them? Click and learn!

I just had a note from “Brother Java” of the Wyoming Carmelites.
On your behalf I wrote to suggest decaf in K-Cups as well.  Here is the response:
Dear Father,
Thanks for the suggestion!  We’re going to add Decaf Arabica, Midnight Vigils … Continue reading

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Cold-pressed, iced-coffee!

During the summer months I occasionally mention iced-coffee.
Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites have a coffee maker especially for iced-coffee?
Ecce! The Bodum Iced-Coffee Maker.

It is like a French press. You add the coffee and cold water, stir (always do that with … Continue reading

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Mystic Monk Coffee of the Month, for July, is….

For your opportune knowledge.
The Wyoming Carmelites are offering a new Coffee of the Month:
Kenyan AA Auction Lot
Representing the very summit of coffee perfection, the Kenyan AA Auction Lot is virtually flawless in every respect. The characteristic acidity blossoms into an … Continue reading

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Why Fr. Z pushes Mystic Monk Coffee.

Other than the fact that I get a commission every time you buy Mystic Monk Coffee using my links… and please, I ask you to do so, because it really helps… this video will also show you why I like … Continue reading

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Iced Tea Break

It is about 90°F and high humidity.  Sooooo…. thirstyyyyy…..
It’s time for a glass of iced tea!
Refresh your Mystic Monk Tea or Coffee supply HERE.

In the meantime, I made new editions of the Catholic and Faithful – American and Free mugs. … Continue reading

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It is muggy and hot and sunny and the perfect day to make iced-tea or iced-coffee.
I make jars of sun tea.
QUAERITUR: Where might get good tea and coffee these days while at the same time helping sound and traditional religious … Continue reading

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Strawberry Moon

Yesterday (and early today) was the super rare Transit of Venus, but a while back there was a spiffing eclipse of the Moon.
Here is a great photo from Astronomy Pic of the Day, of said eclipse over Cody, WY, an … Continue reading

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Of Tea and Coffee

From a reader:
Father Z, don’t forget to let everyone know that Mystic Monk has great tea!
I’m abstaining from coffee (decaf) until Obama leaves office!
I’ve been off for 2 months. God bless you!
Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites also have … Continue reading

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Starbucks promotes contrary-to-nature sex. Fr. Z suggests Mystic Monk Coffee as an alternative lifestyle choice.

As I posted before, Starbucks as a whole entity is backing contrary-to-nature sex and the perversion of marriage.
Decide whether or not you want to buy your coffee from Starbucks.
I suggest the alternative of buying Mystic Monk Coffee.
You help Carmelites to … Continue reading

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It’s still swell! And it’s seasonal!

The Carmelite men of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are building their monastery in Wyoming and earning their daily bread by roasting, blending, and selling you coffee and tea.
Their seasonal Pascha Java is back at Mystic Monk … Continue reading

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