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Wheels coming off the wagon – update

Update, below.
Originally posted 12 January.
There is a particularly annoying pattern in my life’s days.    When it comes to my “tech stuff”, life goes along as smoothly as if it were zooming down a newly paved road.  Then, all of a … Continue reading

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Bp. Etienne: “Secularism is the moral grizzly bear of our day!”

The Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming (covering the whole state), His Excellency Most Reverend Paul Etienne, has a blog.  I have posted about his hunting with the Mystic Monk Coffee Carmelites in northern Wyoming.  Also in the Diocese of Cheyenne is … Continue reading

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Mystic Monk Coffee and YOU!

First, thanks to everyone who is buying Mystic Monk Coffee from the Carmelites in Wyoming.
I have noticed that the Carmelites have added a 30 Pack Sampler for $60.  If you didn’t want to try them all yourself, imagine them as … Continue reading

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A wise, thoughtful, intelligent, cultured, classy, diligent, thrifty reader!

A reader sent a splendid photo of coffee things be prepped as gifts!
What a wise, thoughtful, intelligent, cultured, classy, diligent, thrifty reader!
Can you guess where this stuff came from?

Imagine what a great combination that would have made with stuff from … Continue reading

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Reader feedback about Mystic Monk Coffee and Fr Z’s remarks about a useful spiritual book

From a reader:
I thought I’d write and share an excellent experience I had with Mystic Monks (again).
Back in December, I ordered several bags of “Jingle Bell Java” from the monks for the Christmas Season. My wife and I had one bag prior … Continue reading

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Coffee and You. A POLL.

Thanks to all of you who have been ordering Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea from the Carmelites in Wyoming.  You are helping them build their new monastery and put groceries on the table.  You are also helping me put groceries … Continue reading

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A giant SPACE SNAKE is going to swallow the Earth! Wherein Fr. Z rants!

From Space Weather:
BIG SUNSPOTS: After more than a week of quiet, solar activity is picking up with the emergence of two large sunspot groups on the sun’s northeastern limb.  The active regions are crackling with C- and M-class solar flares.  … Continue reading

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A tot of coffee!

As you may know, a “tot” is not just a small child but also a small quantity of anything, especially of some beverage, and most especially of a beverage such as rum.
Here is a photo sent by a reader.  I … Continue reading

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It’s restorative! It’s roborative! It’s enthralling for cats!

I had an email today from the Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego who have a blog.
They have received a shipment of Mystic Monk Coffee.
Their cats were ensorceled, mostly, though they both had to crawl into the box.

They … Continue reading

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Mystic Monk Coffee now by monthly subscription! (Amusing Pope Benedict anecdote included.)

More than one person has sent me email asking if it is possible to “subscribe” to Mystic Monk Coffee (“It’s swell”, by the way) on a monthly basis and have the commission for the subscription come to WDTPRS.
The answer … Continue reading

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