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Reminder about Mystic Monk Coffee K-CUPS

I was sitting with a priest friend yesterday, even as he was looking at my blog on his laptop.  He asked me if there is Mystic Monk coffee in K-cups.

Refresh your coffee and tea supply now!

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Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups are “Monk Shots”

I have noticed that quite a few of you are buying Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups!
They call them “Monk Shots”.
What are Monk Shots?  Let the Wyoming Carmelites explain:
After years of research and development, we are proud to release our Monk-Shots single … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you wondering what to give Mom for Mother’s Day?  (It’s Sunday, 13 May, by the way.)
How about the Mystic Monk Coffee 
Mother’s Day Gift Set?
The Wyoming Carmelites describe the contents:
This gorgeous set includes:

One bag of our Mystic Monk Blend
One bag … Continue reading

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RECENT POSTS and LOTS of THANKS! (Some reading tips too.)

Thanks for the support you are giving to the Wyoming Carmelites by buying their coffee.  How is your coffee supply these days?  Br. Java tells me their Jingle Bell Java blend is almost gone.
Also, thanks for using my Amazon links … Continue reading

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Have a party!

I think celebration is in order.
On 16 December 1773, a bunch of guys in disguise boarded ships in Boston harbor and destroyed imported tea by throwing it overboard into Boston Harbor.
Order Mystic Monk TEA.
I have noticed in the stats that … Continue reading

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A new batch

I have ticked a few things off my To Do List for the day and can now settle down to read a bit.
I need, inter alia, to make some more notes about Augustine’s commentary on 1 John, which we will … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “bishops in soutanes with big, gaudy riiiiiiings”

We now shift away from the less important issues – salvation outside the Church and American exceptionalism – to focus on something of momentous significance.
From a reader:
At times I have seen priests wearing a short black cape over their
cassock, and … Continue reading

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A Mystic Monk Memo

While I was ordering some Mystic Monk Coffee for myself, I noticed that they sell large format bags of 5 lbs.
This would be a good idea for rectories and religious houses or simply for all of you who consume a … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Mystic Monk Coffee

was so impressed by the proposed plans for the new Carmelite Monastery in Wyoming, that I decided to check out Mystic Monk Coffee and help them peddle some. 
Pounds and Grounds and Compounds … Continue reading

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Pounds and Grounds and Compounds

I deeply admire religious communities who make and sell things to support their life and apostolates.
Take for example the Carmelites behind Mystic Monk Coffee.
How many pounds of coffee do you have to sell in order to build this?

This is a … Continue reading

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