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Singing nuns… they’re back!

Every month I get a small donation from the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa.  They are great! And they sing.
Singing nuns… they’re back!
Have a look at this. On 7 Feb 2017, the sisters sang the National Anthem at … Continue reading

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I wonder if Lady Gaga will get half the treatment dished out to Paula Deen

I am angry.
I want you to be angry.
From Newsmax:
Former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., offers harsh criticism to pop star Lady Gaga for replacing “home of the brave” with “home for the gays” in a rendition of the National Anthem she … Continue reading

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Concerning the National Anthem and its public singing

I thought about this during the National Anthem the other day, while sung at the sad inauguration and tweeted that often find these pop singers deeply annoying.  A Twitter respondent opined that these poptarts and others place their style before … Continue reading

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An “ad orientem” learning experience

From a reader:
My grandmother lives in a small town here in NJ that still has a Memorial Day ceremony and parade every year.  Yesterday, I noticed that when the young woman came up to sing the National Anthem, she turned … Continue reading

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