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Fishwrap starts to spin Holy See’s smackdown of the LCWR

Let the games begin! The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) is now between a rock and a hard spot. The NSR and LCWR are practically one flesh.  At the same time, NSR has been crooning about Pope Francis new “humble” … Continue reading

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National catholic Reporter’s misleading piece about Bp. Morlino, Rep. Ryan.

Are we surprised when the National catholic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) posts a a misleading, prejudicial report about a sound and strong Catholic bishop? Here is Fishwrap’s piece: Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis., (Rep. Paul Ryan’s home diocese) gives some political … Continue reading

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National catholic Cage-Liner

Vincenzo, at Sancte Pater, had a little fun with the Fishwrap today (aka National catholic Reporter). You can’t make up stuff like this. He saw one of NCR‘s tweets: And so…. The great Vincenzo comes through again! But then, they … Continue reading

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NCFishwrap publishes LCWR prayer “for discernment”. Fr. Z opines.

The Fishwrap (aka the ultra-liberal dissenting National Catholic Reporter) has published a prayer written by a woman religious in advance of responding to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the upcoming annual meeting of the Leadership Conference … Continue reading

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Catholic League on National Catholic Fishwrap’s insults to US Bishops, Holy See (or “Dog Bites Man”, “Sun Rises At Dawn”, etc.)

From The Catholic League: BISHOPS ACCUSED OF “THOUGHT CONTROL” May 9, 2012 The following comment against the Vatican and the bishops, made in response to concerns over the Leadership Conference of Women Religious [LCWR, a subsidiary of the Magisterium of … Continue reading

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The Platteville Food Fight: Fishwrap weighs in! (Fr. Z makes a SUGGESTION.)

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! National catholic Fishwrap has now picked up on the ecclesial food fight going on in Platteville, WI (D. Madison – Bp. Morlino), about which I have posted before (HERE). You will be shocked to … Continue reading

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Sally Quinn of WaPo: a lesson in getting it wrong.

Sally Quinn of WaPo offers her stunningly shallow take on the reforming efforts by the Holy See and USCCB now being applied to the LCWR (a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns). Aside from the risible claims Quinn makes, I found … Continue reading

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Anti-Catholic bias and attacks on Holy Church from without and from within.

This is from Media Report: The Usual Suspects: NY Times, Dissident Priest Support Anti-Catholic SNAP With Falsehoods, Attacks on Church Anti-Catholicism in Action: The New York Times, Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, and SNAP The New York Times is again shilling … Continue reading

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Dealing with McBrien on the new, corrected translation

From the dissident Fishwrap‘s long-time dissident columnist, Fr. Richard McBrien, comes this piece about the new, corrected translation. Pay close attention to the contempt he shows for a vast number of people and also the attitude of disobedience he promotes. … Continue reading

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The Fishwrap and Sr. Fiedler bow to Hillary Clinton’s Magisterium

Sr. Fiedler may finally be having some memory problems.  She has a deeply confused and poorly written piece in the National catholic Fishwrap lauding the Magisterium of Hillary Clinton, who definitively teaches Fishwrap about the human rights of people who … Continue reading

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The Fishwrap attacks bishops: unintended consequences

Just to help you out of your Friday slump and into the weekend, the Fishwrap comes through again! Here is an article in which the Fishwrap attacks Archbishops Chaput, Dolan, and Bp. Finn. The time is now: childhood sexual abuse … Continue reading

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Fishwrap promotes a “sermon” by a wywymprystess

The National catholic Reporter … quousque tandem? The Fishwrap brings us today the “sermon” of a woman who thinks she is a priest.  She is a member of the big-puppet crew, the wymynpryst thingie. Honestly, as I read this I … Continue reading

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NCFishwrap promotes… wait for it… Ember Days! Yes, you read that correctly.

Over at the National catholic Fishwrap today one Charles Morris has a rather positive piece about Ember Days, which traditionally fall this week.  Readers here know all about Ember Days.  It is nice to see that readers at NCF will … Continue reading

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CARA study on trends for parishes, Mass attendance

Over at the Fishwrap, their elder-dissenter Richard McBrien posted a column about shifts in Mass attendance.  He works from a study about the “‘Supersizing’ the U.S. Catholic Parish Life” conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) … Continue reading

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The Theological Studies dust up, NCR, creeping infallibility, and the ecclesial vocation of the theologian

There is a bit of a dust up concerning the journal Theological Studies, a prominent English language publication, sometimes useful and much venerated by liberals. In 2004 Theological Studies published an article by two theologians arguing that the Church should … Continue reading

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