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NCR’s latest Magical Liturgical Mystery Tour

On the site of the National Catholic Fishwrap, Eugene Kennedy, ex-priest and humanistic psychologist, attacks the "reform of the reform".  He is actually attacking the new translation of the Roman Missal.  His piece is so turgid that it is hard … Continue reading

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A new low for NCR: hating the Church while begging for its affirmation

The NCR hits a new low. Before we begin what is going to be a brutal evisceration of a deeply confused essay, we need a few points as a preface. The literary form of this piece is "protest". The substance … Continue reading

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Is it time simply to cancel your NCR subscriptions?

If any of you have a subscription to the ultra-liberal dissenting – dying – National Catholic Reporter I suggest that you cancel it now.  Urge your parish’s pastor to cancel as well.  Get it out of our churches. Take a … Continue reading

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A magisterium of nuns

In this matter of contingent, prudential judgments, whose judgment will in time prove to have been the more prudent? The Catholic bishops with pro-life groups or their opposition, the LCWR and CHA and NCR, etc? I happen to think the … Continue reading

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Is NCR taking sides against Archbp. Chaput and the school in Boulder, CO?

It looks as if the NCR editorial policy is to take sides against the Archbishop of Denver and the parish in Boulder, CO, in favor of the lesbian "couple" who sought to an children accepted into a parish school. You … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to be a landlord

As we were zooming around in Kansas City today, looking at sites, we stopped in at the HQ of the National Catholic Reporter. The building is actually for sale.  They say location is very important and NCR’s building is within … Continue reading

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The only thing worse than NOT being talked about…

This comes from the ultra-dissenting fishwrap the National Catholic Reporter. [Cardinal] George questions role of independent Catholic mediaBishop Trautman says Vatican II liturgical norms being violatedNov. 17, 2009By Jerry Filteau BALTIMORE Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, president of the … Continue reading

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NCR’s editors have a nutty – attack Card. Rode, Benedict XVI

The editors of the ultra-liberal fishwrap The National Catholic Reporter had another little public nutty yesterday. My emphases and comments. Nostalgia is not a path to the future Nov. 10, 2009 An NCR Editorial CAPTION: Detail of text from the … Continue reading

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John Allen on upcoming SSPX Summit

My friend John L. Allen, the nearly ubiquitous fair-minded correspondent of the ultra-lefty dissenting National Catholic Reporter is a good analyst. In his weekly Friday letter he drills into the upcoming talks that are soon to begin between the SSPX … Continue reading

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NCR instrumentalizes priest to attack his own bishop, Bp. Robert Finn

The editors of the ultra-lefty National Catholic Reporter once again show their spittle-flecked contempt for the diocesan bishop where their paper’s offices are located: Most Rev. Robert Finn, Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph. NCR published a letter from a priest … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: McBrien’s “rather adolescently rigid” article… NCR readers react!

Notre Dame’s Richard McBrien says that "Eucharistic adoration, perpetual or not, is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward, not forward." You can read his sneering NCR article if you want or read it with my commentary HERE. A WDTPRS … Continue reading

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Anxious NCR editorial – They KNOW they are losing and they are terrified!

The ultra-left-wing National Catholic Reporter has an editorial in which they reveal their darkest fear: …the goalposts have shifted in the U.S. episcopacy in the past decade – and they have swerved in a decidedly rightward tilt on both the … Continue reading

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