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The Traditional Latin Mass and the New Evangelization

The Institute of Christ the King had ordinations to the priesthood recently in St. Louis.  This promoted an article in the local paper.  The writer (thus, editor) seemed amazed that this sort of thing is going on.  Young people… Mass… … Continue reading

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¡Vaya lío! Another church gets a new Communion rail!

The other day I posted about the installation of a new Communion rail in the Church of St. Mary in Pine Bluff, WI.  HERE
Now I read that a new rail will be installed in St. Joseph’s Church in Macon, GA.
From … Continue reading

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Of liturgical silence and gigantic centipedes

Here is a great point for our reflection on our obligation to revitalize our liturgical worship of God.
Unless we revitalize our liturgical worship, no other aspect of a New Evangelization will have any lasting effect.
Dan Burke wrote at the National … Continue reading

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Fr. Z kudos to Archbp. Vigneron

When I hear about the “New Evangelization”, I often wonder when the “Old Evangelization” concluded.
For your Just Too Cool File.
Archbp. Vigneron of Detroit did some sidewalk evangelization!

The group that organizes this is St. Paul Street Evangelization.
“This ministry proudly announces the … Continue reading

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Mountaintop experiences matter, but they are not enough.

My constant drumbeat has been that for any effort of New Evangelization to bear long-lasting fruit, we must revitalize our sacred liturgical worship of God.  Nothing we do to renew the Church will last unless we get our liturgical house … Continue reading

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Sobering photos

Sometimes when I hear talk, often vapid, about the New Evangelization, I cynically wonder when it was that we completed the Old Evangelization.
On the other hand, we are living in a post-Christian era, most of us in countries that were clearly … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: “it is not possible to find Jesus outside the Church”

Dissenters and liberals are not going to like this.
Today in the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for his Name Day, the Feast of St. George.   There is a transcript.
Among the things the Holy Father … Continue reading

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Sodality of St. Augustine – to pray for the conversion of loved ones

My friends of the Latin Mass Society in England have a new and worthy initiative.
The Sodality of St Augustine of Hippo
From the website:

The purpose of the Sodality is to unite the prayers of members for the conversion of those dear to … Continue reading

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Who are these ‘c’atholic liberals? Young Catholics don’t know and don’t care.

I recently posted about Sr. Joan Chittister and the Council of Elders. HERE.
Judging from my email feedback about that post, I realize that many of my visitors have never heard of the Council of Elders.  Many would never have heard … Continue reading

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“No one likes us – we don’t care” – Fr. Finigan on the New Evangelization and men

My friend the mighty Dean of Bexley, His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan has a great post at his place.
He places his observations in the context of men in his parish hall watching Millwal defeat Leeds.  I am mindful of the … Continue reading

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