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“New Evangelization”, you say?

“New Evangelization”, you say?
I’ve some New Evangelization for you right here!
For your Brick by Brick file comes this from the Archdiocese of Miami.
Old form of Mass attracts new generation
Plenty of young adults attend weekly Mass in Extraordinary Form in Miami
CORAL … Continue reading

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Sister goes door to door asking Catholics to return to Mass

Never underestimate the power of an invitation.
Once upon a time there were groups like Legion of Mary, which could canvass parish neighborhoods.  Once upon a time, priests even walked about neighborhoods working on a census.  Then again, parish neighborhoods were … Continue reading

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The great “falling away”?

Mariachi band Masses and watering-down Catholic doctrine are not the answer.
My emphases and comments.
From Real Clear Religion:
More Than 1,000 Mexicans Leave Catholic Church Daily
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The great apostasy is one of the preconditions for the return of … Continue reading

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You say “wherever” and I say “everywhere”…

Documents from the Holy See were, once upon a time, composed in Latin.  They tended to be clear and concise.  Then things changed, with unfortunate results.  Document over the last couple decades have sometimes been murky and often been far … Continue reading

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