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The Oath: Every Bishops’ Aaron and Hur

Consider what is entrusted to a bishop. Consider how he, like everyone else, struggles with the world, the flesh and the Devil. Consider that, though fortified with the graces of the sacrament of orders and defended by the holy angels, … Continue reading

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“So help me God” and the Obama Administrations war on God at the Air Force Academy

From Rev. Mr. Kandra’s page: Chaplains erect billboard supporting phrase “So help me God”—UPDATED This press release was posted by the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Freedom: The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Freedom has joined with other members of the Restore … Continue reading

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Oath of The Supremes

The Constitution does not give any details about the Oath of Office to be taken by Justices of the Supreme Court.   Article 6 covers oath: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and … Continue reading

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