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Not Just Too Cool but Super Too Cool

I will do more about this later, since I am in a moving bus, but this news got me worked up. Some has discovered 29 unknown sermons of the 3rd century Alexandrian theologian Origen. The intrepid Tornielli in Vatican Insider … Continue reading

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St. Ambrose: copycat, rookie, disliked by St. Jerome

St. Ambrose was a titanic figure in the Church in Italy in the 4th century.  Here is a post I wrote some time ago about him and another great figure of the patristic era, St. Jerome. In the ancient world, … Continue reading

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St. Ambrose: copycat, rookie, disliked by St. Jerome

In the ancient world, invective was a standard tool of debate.  Interlocutors would often pour acid on each other in a way we today… well, perhaps not some who read blogs today… find quite unsettling. St. Jerome (+420), not known … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s Christmas Sermon: liturgy is the first priority

The shepherds teach us a priority: hasten to worship.  Everything else comes later. In his sermon for Christmas Pope Benedict shows his mystical side.  He is a liturgical mystic.  That is to say, for Benedict, worship is an occasion for … Continue reading

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